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With a lot of good advice from the adoption agency we’ve decided to keep Tanya with us as long as possible. We love her and I desperately wish we could adopt her, but she needs to be the baby of the family or an only child for sure.  Everyone who has met her just falls in love with her! While this is not how we expected hosting to be, we don’t regret that it’s worked out this way.  Tanya shouldn’t have...

Fail. 5


Things are not going well with Tanya.  She’s probably going to have to return to Ukraine early with a chaperone. Very sad. She’s just too much for us to handle. She seems to have all of the symptoms of Reactive Attachment Disorder, including showing no remorse when repeatedly hurting our pets, no impulse control, and being uncomfortably too affectionate with everyone in the world. Did I mention how sad we are that it’s working out this way? Yeah.  Very, very sad. ...

Meeting Tanya for the First Time. 3

Meeting Tanya for the First Time.

  Too tired to write anything coherent. Still alive. Having fun. Tanya is sweet, crazy, loving, hyper, super smart, busy, and wonderful. The night before she was due to arrive we made her a welcome sign.  It says, “Hello Tanya!” on it in Ukrainian.  (Priveet Tanya!) That night Rosie lost her second top front tooth! We picked Tanya up from the airport in Atlanta on Wednesday.  We had to wait almost three hours after she landed because the computer system in...

Summer Afternoons. 1

Summer Afternoons.

Only one day left until we leave for Atlanta. I might die of nerves and excitement.  T is coming on Wednesday…that’s five days away. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!  I didn’t anticipate this much excitement and nervousness.

Nine Days. 1

Nine Days.

The other day I was talking to my neighbor, who is a middle aged divorced woman.  She lives with her two adult sons.  Her sons are somewhere around my age, in their 20’s.   I mentioned that we were going to be hosting an orphan from Ukraine soon.  She was just shocked.  Flabbergasted.  She couldn’t believe it.  She said, “Why would you want to do that?”   I’ve been surprised at the reactions we’ve gotten from people when they find out...

Embassy Appointment… 0

Embassy Appointment…

T had her US embassy appointment today in Ukraine. She passed! All her paperwork is in order. SHE’S COMING!! TO OUR HOUSE! THEY ARE BUYING PLANE TICKETS RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY VERY SECOND!  ONE WITH HER NAME ON IT!   I feel mostly like this:    

Comments on T’s Bio, and a New Picture. 2

Comments on T’s Bio, and a New Picture.

A little explanation about T’s bio–to answer some questions I received. The bio was written in Russian and translated to English, so sometimes things are worded kind of awkwardly.  She might not be mischievous in the negative sense, it’s hard to say.  You can’t take the bio’s too seriously in that regard.  They say funny things over there, and it doesn’t always come across like you’d expect in English, in a lingual sense and a cultural sense. The note about her...

The one in which Ukraine breaks my heart. 4

The one in which Ukraine breaks my heart.

I got a message last night from the host program organizer letting me know there was bad news about K.  She apologized for messaging me on Facebook instead of calling, but she wanted to let me know right away and wasn’t sure if I’d still be up due to the East/West coast time difference. Apparently when they went to get K’s visa there were some issues with her status.  She should have been available for adoption and free to leave the country...

K’s Letter in English & Why Not Adopt from USA? 2

K’s Letter in English & Why Not Adopt from USA?

Here’s what the letter says in English!  The agency gave us a sample letter with a general format to follow, so it’s nothing really exciting. Hi K! Our names are Amy and Tyler.  We are going to be your host family for your summer holiday! We have two daughters.  Rosie is six years old and she loves to play dress up. She loves to draw and dance, and she can’t wait to meet you.  We have a bed ready for you...

Ever wonder why adoption costs so much? 1

Ever wonder why adoption costs so much?

Only 24 days left until K gets here! Rosie is so excited.  It’s almost all she talks about.  It’s kind of all I want to talk about too.  It’s all Tyler and I talk about. I thought I should go ahead and gather up all of the info about adoption costs and requirements right now, just in case.  Knowledge is power, right?  Adoption from Ukraine looks to be a wild ride. I read that you could adopt independently from Ukraine for much cheaper than...