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The Wildflowers.

To the older man at Inniswood Metro Park tonight–   This evening you saw us playing with our four children in the algae filled pond and in the woods at the back of the park. I know because I noticed you before you saw us. You were there alone, walking on the path with your hands held behind your back and I briefly wondered about you. My grandfather loved to walk too. It was something we did together often, walking several...

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He’s here, he’s adorable, and he’s tiny. He was so excited to meet us. They showed him our picture and the letter we sent. Here’s a short video of his arrival and seeing our house for the first time. :) Lots more to come later!


One Day Left!

It’s happening!! We’ve finally reached this day! V is the third little one from the front, in the black pants. They’re landing on Orlando tonight and we will meet him tomorrow (Sunday) at noon. I CANNOT WAIT. SO EXCITED! My kids are ready too. This was taken yesterday. There has been much talk of Vladi and they have already planned all kinds of fun things they want to do with him. This time tomorrow we’ll be at the Columbus airport meeting...

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House Tour!

This is the final week without Vladik here. I know that no matter how hosting goes or what our relationship with Vladi ends up being, we will never be the same after. Each child we’ve hosted has changed us all as a family. I cannot describe the impact they make on all of us. Our hearts break for them, we love them, we struggle alongside them, we say goodbye to them and send pieces of our hearts back with them. My...

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Alright, so still loving Plexus. Sugar cravings I’ve had are GONE. I’m talking I don’t even want/need to eat cookies. I could take them or leave them. Belly is feeling pretty good. Still not 100% normal, but it’s different in a good way! I’ve had no bloating at all until PMS the past day or so. So awesome. Anyone who has been watching and waiting to see if it’s something worth trying: IT IS! And the 15% off code ends on...

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Vladik’s hosting fees are all paid up! I just paid the final amount invoice today. It was like a week late, but it’s done. WOOHOOOO! Now I have to: 1) Do the $45 background check 2) Do the $40 home safety check 3) Fill out and mail in paperwork 4) Figure out how I’m going to afford the plane tickets to pick him up. I hate that Orlando is so far away from me. Southwest has direct flights to Orlando from...

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First Foster Parent Licensing Classes!

We had our first two classes for foster care licensing yesterday. I’m bartering with a local friend–she’s watching my kids in exchange for me photographing her birth. I was nervous about leaving Henry since he’s not used to have any kind of babysitter, but I think he did ok. The only issue was that he kept refusing to use the potty for her and instead peeing in his pants. He doesn’t often pee in his pants besides a tiny dribble on...

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DonutFace Vlog!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Vladik and Igor lately. We haven’t talked to Igor since he got back to Ukraine. He can use his roommate’s phone to Skype with us, but he hasn’t. I know better than to take it personally. Life is just unfair. I love that kid. Despite everything, I love him and I will never stop. I’ll never forget the way the top of his head smells, just like one of my own children. I still haven’t...

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Winter at the Zoo

I took the kids to the zoo the other day. It was sunny outside and very windy, but it was about 55 degrees even with the ice cold wind. We wore flip flops. Except for Rosie, who is ever more practical. We have a membership to the zoo because it’s only about 40 minutes from our house, and it’s such a huge zoo you can go twenty times and still not get bored. We’d never been in the winter before though....

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Vlad’s Story: The Prequel & The Beginning

You know, sometimes I think we spend a lot of time denying ourselves happiness and joy in life. Who in their right mind would turn down joy? That would be absurd, would it not? But every time someone tells me they could never do that– They could never have x amount of children because it would be too exhausting/expensive/scary/whatever. They could never host or foster a child because it would be too hard to send them back. It’s not fair to...