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The Recirculating Water Table.

Someone in my local mom’s group posted a picture of this water table her husband made. It recirculates the water for kids who are obsessed with running water, as my boy is. He throws a tantrum every time we have to turn off the faucet! This is the perfectly perfect solution! Oh my gosh, I wish I had thought of it sooner! It was very simple to make. I went to Lowes (hardware store) and got: -Storage tote with the recessed...

Easter Eggs vs. Small Children 0

Easter Eggs vs. Small Children

Warning: About a million pictures below. I had way too many bantam eggs, so we decided to dye those for Easter. They are like mini eggs.  Everything mini is more fun, because mini things are cute, right? Plus they are the perfect size for little hands to grip. I saw this idea on Pinterest to use a muffin tin to dye eggs.  Well that one deserves a negative rating. Two seconds after this picture was taken Ada flipped the muffin tin over,...

Longies! 1


I have finally crocheted something successfully. I made Ada a pair of longies.  Crocheting a pair of size 3t longies was no easy feat, but they fit perfectly. I AM SO PROUD!  Now I am going to make her several more pairs, and maybe attempt a sweater. I love them!        

This is Summer. 3

This is Summer.

I’ve been busy living life. Go figure, right? Instagram makes it so easy to snap pictures with my iPhone and create quick memories.  I don’t have a lot of time to edit real photos lately.  I even tested prints from iPhone photos, I got 5×5’s, and they came out great.  The ones I got printed were Hipstamatics.  I bet the Instagrams will be even better!  (I got them printed from WHCC, the professional place I use for clients.) Check out my fridge!  These are the 5×5...

The Progress of Nosey Puppy. 1

The Progress of Nosey Puppy.

Last month I decided I wanted to get Ada a pull toy doggy for Christmas.  I searched and searched but I couldn’t find one I liked.  None were cute enough, none looked like our dogs so that Ada would recognize it.  She loves dogs so much for some reason. Then I saw Fisher Price Nosey Puppy #445 from the 1950’s. I found one for sale on Etsy for just a few dollars… He was in sad condition, but I had to buy him! On the other side of his...

Fleece Bags. 3

Fleece Bags.

We woke up this morning to four inches of snow on the ground.  It usually doesn’t snow much in December, this is like January weather.  Strange! The average day time high temp for December here is 45 degrees.  Today the high was 21 degrees.  Brrr. Rosie is still seriously struggling with her attitude issues.  She was fine all weekend, but then today she’s been horrible.  And you know what?  It’s because she knew Tyler was going back to work tonight.  I feel...

Success! 1


After trying to figure out knitting and/or crocheting for several years, I have finally succeeded!  I’m so excited.  I can do it, I can really crochet stuff, not just make semi-formed thingies. So far I’ve made this little dolly, Sleeping Sarah, who still needs a face. Isn’t she cute?  Ada loves to chew on her hat tip. I also made Ada a hat.  I am debating whether to add ear flaps or kitty ears to it. The hook size I need to make the ear flaps...