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Wedding Weekend!

My sister’s wedding is this coming weekend. I’m so excited! It’s surreal though–I remember when she was just a baby, I used to change her diapers. Now she’s getting married. Really? How did this happen? I’m doing the photography for her wedding, which will be fun. The wedding is at a local winery. It’s gorgeous there. I’m crossing my fingers for perfect sunny weather. I don’t have a good picture of the view from the winery. It’s located near the cabin...

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Henry: 21 Months Old.

A few quick snapshots of Henry at the park last night… He is fearless when it comes to tall play structures and slides. He requires no assistance, and unfortunately he goes into tribal caveman mode and tries to shove other kids out of his way because they are too slow. ”Look Ma! No hairs!”

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Henry Photos: 20 Months Old.

I never got time to post these! They’re from a few weeks ago. He is hardcore obsessed with his two blankies. He has this sniffly noise he makes that means blankie. Somehow we have started referring to them as his snuggle-up’s. He completely freaks out if he doesn’t have them while nursing, or if we leave the house and he finds himself in the car without them available on demand. I mean really, freak out is probably an understatement for what...


March’s Blizzard.

The snow is insane. We usually get 2-3 inches at a time. Five inches here is considered a lot of snow. This time…we got about 18-20 inches in 24 hours. Insane My county has done a really good job of clearing the roads. We aren’t typically prepared for so much snow, so our county only owns four plows for hundreds of miles of road, but this time they hired private workers to plow. The Toyota factory has miraculously let workers not...


Last Week’s Snow.

We just got blanketed by a ton of snow. Probably one of the biggest snow falls we’ve ever had around here in years. I think we got more than 15 inches! It’s heavy wet snow too, so the trees are all bent over. Luckily we haven’t had power outages. I can’t wait to take the kids out in it to play once Henry wakes up from his nap! Here are pictures of the kids standing on the frozen over snow last...


White Stuff.

It really snowed! Leave it to Ada to lock us out of the house when it’s 10 degrees outside with a foot of snow on the ground. We were going to go out and play for just a few minutes. Our old Victorian door knob has this strange lock where you push a button on the door jamb area of the door to turn the lock on. It stays locked and you can open the door from the inside, but once...


Christmas Eve Photos.

Here are some of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day pictures! First our traditional Christmas Eve at my in-laws. I took some pictures before dying of giardia upstairs. Tyler took the later ones. I’ve trained him how to use my camera in manual mode pretty well. Attempts at group pictures…fail. Baby hat hair! This was one of the pictures I took, but I don’t remember it. Random levitation, that’s talent. “IT’S ALMOST TIME TO OPEN THE PRESENTS!” Too excited. Too excited....


Nearly 15 Months.

This boy. Is. Trouble. Trouble on legs. Hell on wheels. He’s so busy. And he hates toys! Unless he’s breaking them. Help. Send help. Lucky for him, he’s also super adorable. He loves to eat. Molars were totally the best thing that ever happened to him. Hold me! Denied, until de-Mexicaning your entire body is complete. Sorry son! Which turned out to involve a bath. What are you looking at? How about NO? No way, tiny human. No. Mhhmm, dry human...


Beach, Part Two.

Check this out! This is a fossilized sea urchin. It’s so old that it lived at the same time as the dinosaurs! I know this because I posted it on a fossil hunter forum. They told me its scientific name and that it lived in the late mesozoic era. (I think that’s what they said, too lazy to look back at the moment.) Rosie found it in the ocean because she tripped and fell in a wave, then it hit her...


Twelve Months of Henry.

31 weeks. Birth. 8/5/2013 Three days old. Ten days old. One month. Six weeks. Eight weeks. Nine weeks. Ten weeks. Eleven weeks. First Halloween, eleven weeks. Twelve weeks. Fifteen weeks. Sixteen weeks. Four months old! First snow, still Week 16. Nineteen weeks: First Christmas! Five months: Six months: First tastes of solid food. Seven months: St. Patrick’s Day! Eight months: First Easter! Nine months: (First steps this month!) Ten months: During which I apparently took no pictures with the real camera…Tyler...