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Winter Dance Recital. 0

Winter Dance Recital.

Rosie had her winter dance recital on Friday night.  Tyler couldn’t go because he had to work.  I hate that he never is able to take days off, he has to miss all of these things. Rosie did a really good job dancing this year.  Her dance class is just for fun, it’s not strict competition dance or anything.  They only practice one evening a week.  Ada absolutely cannot wait until she’s old enough to take dance class!  I think she...

Holden Beach Day 4: The Wedding. 0

Holden Beach Day 4: The Wedding.

I want to finish posting pictures from our trip to the beach.  I’ve got lots of other things going on to write about.  I still have day five to share after this.  That’s the final day. These are pictures of the wedding.     I loved her dress! Back detail: Someone made her this cool hanger. Peeking through the blinds behind the dress– Getting ready: Beth’s family owns a mill and these were the wedding favors. Weston opening his groom’s gift from...

Holden Beach: The Bridal Shower and The Rehearsal. 0

Holden Beach: The Bridal Shower and The Rehearsal.

We had another bridal shower while at the beach.  It was supposed to be one where you give the couple items to use on their honey moon, which was going to be at the beach. The bridal shower was in the house where we were staying.  A very big house!  It had six bedrooms and six full bathrooms on two floors. (I already posted some of these, but I don’t know which.  I finally finished editing all of them.) Ada showing...

Recent Photos. 0

Recent Photos.

The days are flying by. I’m having an awful allergy season.  I’ve had the same crippling sinus headache for three days now, nothing gets rid of it.  I can’t wait until it frosts outside.  Goldenrod is blooming right now.  Ada and I are both so allergic to it.  She woke up crying that her eyes were hurting.  I’m ready to feel human again!   We babysat Eloise and her brother Dexter the other day.  It’s been a full year since I...

The Lipstick & The Spring Dance Recital 0

The Lipstick & The Spring Dance Recital

Now for some things that are good. Mainly my kids!  (I mean, you know, they aren’t always good, but they are pretty much awesome 99% of the time.  Or when they aren’t trying to make me crazy…) Rosie had her spring dance recital last night.  For the recital she has to wear make-up.  The outfits and the make-up kind of make me want to run in circles screaming and then bury my head in the sand, but Rosie absolutely *loves* every...

Winter Sun & Parenting Fail. 0

Winter Sun & Parenting Fail.

Parenting fail of the day yesterday: It was 60 degrees and sunny out yesterday afternoon, so we went to the park. Gorgeous winter sunlight. Just what everyone needs–a dose of vitamin D and fresh air.  Soak it up. The girls ran and ran.  In fact they did almost nothing but run! Rosie wouldn’t even stop to let me take her picture.  How dare a five year old want to have fun rather than be photographed by her mother.  Tsk. Clearly no one...

12/3/2011 4


This little guy is in the dog house.   I am so sick and tired of cleaning up his pee from various objects in my house! I don’t understand it.  He will get up and pee somewhere in the house at night then come back to bed. He pees in random places when we aren’t looking, on things like the kids’ toys or a basket of clean folded laundry. This morning he peed on the bottom drawer of my stove and it...

Aquarium! 1


For science in our kindergarten homeschool we are studying the ocean. We finished the study of ocean mammals, learning what it means to be a mammal and what sorts of mammals live in and around the sea.  Next up we are learning about fish and the food chain. Today we took a field trip to the aquarium to see some of the things we’ve been reading about.  Rosie and Ada both had a blast. On the way there:  Florence Y’all!  ...

Fall is creeping up on us. 0

Fall is creeping up on us.

Father/daughter dance from the wedding I did this weekend: Laughing bride’s maids… The wedding itself was difficult.  The minister was an older man who didn’t like wedding photographers, clearly.  He said we weren’t allowed to be in his line of sight at all during the service, not allowed to get anywhere near the stage, and not allowed to use flash. Why the minister gets to tell the photographers what to do is beyond me–if I was the bride I would be angry!  She’s the...

Eloise. 0


This afternoon I attended the birth of my friend’s first daughter.  (She has four little boys under age 8!) She had the baby at home, and it was a perfect birth.  All four boys were there.  Their excitement was priceless, I must share!   She weighs 8 pounds, 3 ounces.  She’s 19.5 inches long. Hello, Baby Fever.