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A Sunset Wedding. 0

A Sunset Wedding.

Tonight I photographed another wedding. I’m really enjoying these, I wish I had more booked. I just have one more coming up, next weekend, and I’m only assisting another photographer. I need to figure out how to advertise properly or something.  There’s a lot of competition, and I’m still learning so…yeah.   This wedding was outside right at sunset.  The light was fading fast, it was almost too dark…but not quite! The sun was a huge blazing orange ball rapidly sinking below the horizon.  Absolutely...

The End of Summer. 1

The End of Summer.

  Tropical Storm Lee has ushered in lots of rain, clouds, and shockingly cooler weather to our area over the past couple of days. It was 98 degrees and humid then down to 59 degrees and non-stop rain in a matter of hours!  The rain is forecasted to last through tomorrow, then we’ll get low 70’s and sunshine. I can’t wait, we have become addicted to being outside this spring and summer.  My high energy Ada must spend hours outside every day...

Wedding last night had some crazy weather! 4

Wedding last night had some crazy weather!

I think I really love being a wedding photographer. It’s high stress.  Demanding.  Physically exhausting.  Non-stop action.  But it’s so much FUN.  I love that I get to share in such special moments.  I get to dress up and go to a wedding and get paid plenty for it.   The editing of a trillion pictures afterward is tedious, slight downside.    Last night’s wedding was a little crazy.  First we did posed group pictures for THREE HOURS.  Ouch.  At least their entire family was...

If this is a dream I hope I never wake up. 0

If this is a dream I hope I never wake up.

What can I say? Maybe I should just type a trillion heart symbols.                                                      My sister and her boyfriend made an appearance.         (I let my sister touch my camera for a minute.)                    

Worn out. 0

Worn out.

Today I ate at two fast food places, stole a chair that I will return tomorrow, discovered a random field of cacti growing in a neighboring town, traipsed through a field of waist high grass in a short dress, got approximately 40,000 mosquito bites covering my entire body including one in my butt crack, listened to Gillian Welch turned up way too loud, and almost got run over by a train while standing on the tracks. All in all, a pretty good...

Allergies, Asthma, and Flowers. 3

Allergies, Asthma, and Flowers.

Rosie had an appointment today with the allergy doctor. She’s been complaining about her belly hurting for quite awhile, since early spring of this year.  Finally a couple of months ago we realized she was pointing to her chest area and just calling it her belly. Her lungs hurt, not her stomach. Tyler has asthma and takes an inhaler.  Sometimes he can’t breathe, especially after being outside.  We decided to take Rosie to the allergy doctor to see what was going...

Photos of Our Typical Day. 6

Photos of Our Typical Day.

Do you realize the summer is nearly half over now? Soon it’s going to be time for Rosie to start Kindergarten.  We’re homeschooling, so she’s not really going anywhere, but we have to keep an attendance record for the state. I have to send a letter to the board of education stating our intent to homeschool this August!  For real, it will be official.  I will have accepted the responsibility. What a huge responsibility it is!  We’ve been doing schoolish things already–we’re...

Blast Ended Skrewts, etc. 2

Blast Ended Skrewts, etc.

This little guy has been hanging out on my front porch in the garden bed for a week now.  I love how expressive bugs are when you get up close. Hard to tell from this macro picture, but this is a baby praying mantis just a little larger than my thumbnail.  Rosie and I had so much fun stalking him.     I love the way they cock their heads to stare up at you!  I happened to notice that his eyeballs can...

10,000 Fireflies. 0

10,000 Fireflies.

    I saw the most beautiful thing. Outside at dusk in a field, surrounded by fluffy thunderhead clouds turned pink by the sunset. The pink clouds were flashing with lightening. In every direction lightening bugs were flashing in the darkness, causing the air to twinkle. I love summer nights!