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Toothless Wonder Boy.

This happened today. We’ve been on the cancellation list to get into dental surgery ASAP, and I knew it was coming, but I’m still horribly sad about my baby’s teeth. I want to cry. Since I was so sick with giardiasis during his pregnancy I had malnutrition, and it caused the enamel on his top teeth not to form. His teeth were really soft, not hard and white like they should be. As a result they quickly began to crumble and...


T-Minus Ten Days!

Only ten days until Vladik arrives. Can you believe that?! Time is going by so quickly. I am very, very excited to meet him. I’m also a little nervous because this is the first child we’ve hosted who is actually in the process of being available for adoption. What if we love him? It’s scary to think of all the money the adoption process requires. I wish it could be free. Of course that’s not the way the world works. ;)...

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Rosie is getting so big. It’s unbelievable. I’m not sure how this is happening so quickly. It was almost 80 degrees out, so I let Henry play in the water. Ada played too, but not for long because the water was freezing cold! Rosie was too old to even be interested. This one…hahaha! He was pretending to be Hulk. Of course today it’s gray, cloudy, misting rain, and in the 50’s outside. One day of nice weather, five days of gray...

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Hiking Pictures!

Man, I guess we have germs. Last week Henry randomly got watery diarrhea. I thought he drank some of the soapy water from the water table they were playing in the day before. He had wanted bubbles in it so I added dish soap. I told him not to drink it, but there was a few minutes where he was alone with it and you know how toddlers (especially boys) can be. But yesterday, 7 days since Henry was sick, Ada...

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Ada Turns Six!

I can’t believe my squishy baby is now six years old. It’s crazy, how did this go by so fast? I remember when I spent so many hours cuddling her, nursing her, and kissing her huge chipmunk cheeks. This was the first time Ada and Rosie met each other! And on her sixth birthday… She’s so big now. She’s spunky, and goofy, and really smart. Here’s a vlog of her birthday, ending with opening gifts and blowing out the candles on...

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Ballet Vlog!

  Here’s a vlog from Ada’s dance class last Thursday. Ada *really* wanted me to video her practicing for the recital coming up in May. After ballet we went to Chick-Fil-A, which is also in the vlog. This Thursday’s ballet class on Ada’s birthday. She’s so excited to tell her ballet teacher!

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Slo Mo Trampoline FUN!

Ok, so my voice in slo mo when jumping on the trampoline equals hilarity. I sound completely drunk and wasted. “Dooooo youuuuur magic moooooves…!” Can’t stop laughing. In the second half of this vlog Ada graphically loses her top front tooth. Huge milestone!  

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Alright, so still loving Plexus. Sugar cravings I’ve had are GONE. I’m talking I don’t even want/need to eat cookies. I could take them or leave them. Belly is feeling pretty good. Still not 100% normal, but it’s different in a good way! I’ve had no bloating at all until PMS the past day or so. So awesome. Anyone who has been watching and waiting to see if it’s something worth trying: IT IS! And the 15% off code ends on...

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Foster Care Classes, Round 2.

I like the instructor of our foster care licensing classes. She doesn’t teach every single class, but so far she’s taught three out of four of them. Next week she’s on vacation so we’ll have a different instructor, she said she didn’t know who it would be. Keeps things interesting I guess. The instructor I like is named J. She has two jobs at the moment in addition to being a social worker for our agency. She teaches a class on...

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Sicky Henry & Plexus Update

I have so much stuff to do today, and here I am sitting on my butt. Henry wouldn’t go to sleep until after 1 in the morning last night. He’s been battling a stuffy nose, which has turned into a cough. He’s never had a cough before. It’s made him off schedule because he keeps napping during the day. Yesterday he made me lay with him for 2 hours in bed. Every time I tried to sneak away he would say...