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She kept saying, “Again!”  (Ignore my laundry waiting to be hung up…I had better things to do than hang up jeans at the moment.)      

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I don’t have anything to write about because, blissfully, this is all we do…   Junior Naturalist classes at the nature center.     (That’s my mom with Ada.)   Backyard swimming.             Long walks. (Wish they were on a beach…)   Cooking and eating.     Nursing, nursing, nursing…     More long walks.     Tantrums, complete with floppy noodle body and floor flailing.   Nursing.  Insomnia. Tired Momma.     Science/crafts/toys.   Lots...

This week… 1

This week…

  Hank my coonhound…he’s so old and sad these days.   Ada’s epic bedhead.   Rosie holding Ginny. That’s June Duck.   Crazy Mary the Polish Chicken.       Bantam Bellatrix, and polka dotted Trixie the Spitzhauben, and then Jasmine the Buff Brahma laying an egg.     Uh…you have something on your face June…! (She’s molting.)     Good Morning!     "Horse.  How to draw a horse."     Ada decorated her face with Sharpie.     The...

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Rosie read me a Henry and Mudge book tonight. She reads very slowly and has trouble sounding out some words still, but SHE CAN READ. Oh my gosh. She is so proud of herself, she was about to burst.  I had no idea she could read words like “winter” or “sparkle”.  We’ve been working on sight words from the Dolch list as a part of homeschooling and doing some random phonics work sheets she likes from the Comprehensive Curriculum book for 1st...

If this is a dream I hope I never wake up. 0

If this is a dream I hope I never wake up.

What can I say? Maybe I should just type a trillion heart symbols.                                                      My sister and her boyfriend made an appearance.         (I let my sister touch my camera for a minute.)                    

Tomato vs. Apple 0

Tomato vs. Apple

Ada picked a tomato from our garden yesterday. She seemed to believe it was an apple, and that pleased her. Until she tasted it…     Then she threw it. All’s well that ends well. (I totally made that shirt.  Freezer paper stenciling experiment #1.  Much more to come, need more practice!)   Lunch today at PF Chang’s with my sister and Grandma. My mom watched the girls since she had today off from work. It was weird to eat without Ada attacking...

A billion Instagrams from the past few days. 2

A billion Instagrams from the past few days.

Ada is asleep in bed for a minute.  Thank goodness!  I should be cleaning, but…I really don’t feel like it.  I have a killer sinus headache in my cheeks. Part of Ada’s issues are from teething.  She’s getting all four eye teeth at once, I know that hurts.  I can’t give her Advil every second of every day, and she’s already wearing an amber teething necklace.  Chewing on cold things just pisses her off. Oh well. This too shall pass, I know.   In the...

Frazzled. 3


Dear Internets, Why does my baby not sleep? WHY?? My quality of life would be so much better if only she would nap alone in bed for an hour every day then go to bed at a reasonable time. Imagine the possibilities!  I could clean something up, read a chapter in a book, eat a bite of food.  Breathe. But she doesn’t nap.  At all.  Ever.  She’s been done with naps most days since around 12 months old.  She’s 15 months old...

Gone Wrong. 2

Gone Wrong.

Today was supposed to be Rosie’s first day of Kindergarten, however it was kind of a crappy day and nothing went as planned. Tyler has been doing a juice fast.  I woke up to my kitchen coated in sticky juice and just a huge mess in general.  (He cleans up after himself, but he sucks at it so there’s bits of trash, dirty dishes, and spilled drips of food always left behind everywhere.)  I hate waking up to a dirty house, it...

Ada in Action. 3

Ada in Action.

Ada is wearing me out.  She looks innocent, but don’t be fooled! She’s curious, and busy, and I’m 99% sure she has wheels for feet.         I can’t get anything done because she’s always climbing and into every little thing! God help me when she figures out how to open door knobs in the next month or so.  (We can’t get those door knob covers because then Rosie couldn’t get the doors open.)   Ada can climb like...