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  1. Jules says:

    I need to know– how did you dye eggs without dye all over everything?! We had limited success this year with my 16 month olds. I see that Ada went with the “have no clothes and no clothing will be stained” method (smart) but their hands and your house don’t look destroyed and rainbow-ified. Secret?!

    • azuroo says:

      Oh dye was spilled! Whole cups of it. I just stood there with a roll of paper towels and wiped up spills quickly, and grabbing flinging dye covered hands to wipe them off. My fingers are still blue/purple stained. The dye doesn’t really show up on my old table or my dark colored gray tile, and I’m planning on touching up the paint anyway as we’re getting our house on the market, so I didn’t worry too much.

  2. Grace says:

    this isn’t related but I remember from your orphan hosting post about Tanya you mentioned you made a fundraiser online. What site did you use? I am trying to make a fundraiser to be able to host this summer but I’m not sure which is the most trustworthy or reliable. Thank you!

    • azuroo says:

      You probably already chose one by now, sorry! I used chip-in where it just sends the money to your paypal account.

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