The Peace of the Wild Things.

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  1. Christy says:

    Looooove all the photos as always! Hope that baby makes his arrival soon!

  2. laura says:

    So weird…I kept checking back here and the most recent post that showed (up until this morning…I think I last checked on Jul 31) was the bicycle one. And now so many new ones! Yay!
    I love the last few lines – strong body, happy heart. Such a good state of mind for heading into labor.
    It seems so creepy following someone’s life on the internet – but I really have appreciated reading about your journey. We’ve made the switch from urban dwellers (San Francisco) to more suburban and someday we’d love to transition into more self-sufficient rural life…I feel inspired seeing someone my age-ish (I’m 29) doing it and thriving. :)

    • azuroo says:

      I went to “like” your comment then realized this isn’t Facebook. Haha! The reason so many showed up at once is because I write them privately elsewhere then decide what I want to post completely publicly here. But I didn’t have enough time to do that for awhile, so when I finally had a moment to catch up this blog I decided it was better to post them all at once and back date them than never post them here at all!

      • sarah vine says:

        So if you just posted a reply, then you’re still around and pregnant! I was wondering how you’re hanging in there. One of my favorite pregnant mamas! So glad you’re feeling at one with the world and present and grounded in your body, I love the introspection in your writings today. I can hear the going-inward and serene, pulling away from the world quality of a soon-to-birth mama. May your son have a sweet, safe journey into your arms! xoxo

  3. sarah vine says: I also thought of you when I read this article. I contemplated digging up the one you wrote and send it to the author. Mamas stick together and defend eachother’s hearts! I always like it when that happens. x

  4. sarah vine says:

    Okay. So just thought to check instagram and of course, hello baby boy!! Milky kisses and newborn baby sniffs! =0)

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