The Story of How Henry Arrived.

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3 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Such a lovely way to start my morning. And the Dr. Who reference make me chuckle.

    My last labor was very similar — 2.5 hours of unrelenting power. Even 2 years later, I’m still not sure how I managed it. The feeling of, “oh hi baby!” felt so very surreal in comparison to just moments earlier.

    Thank you for sharing. And welcome to your new baby boy. Enjoy sniffing his sweet little baby head!!

  2. sarah vine says:

    What a wonderfully described birth story! =0) Thank you so much for sharing. x

  3. sarah says:

    this is great! I love the description of how much power comes with a fast baby! and the pictures of your girls with the new brother secured my family plans (we’d been struggling with what to do next), so thank you for some clarity!

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