Fleece Bags.

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  1. sarah vine says:

    Don’t worry. I have one of those children too. I got a humiliating phone call yesterday afternoon about a stealing episode from another kid in 1st grade. He doesn’t seem to think that you can’t hit an 8 month pregnant mother. But then his little sister has been a joy from day one, easy to please, always singing, people ask me how I came up with such a wonderful child. I always shrug in wonder myself. I swear, if she were my first I’d think I were the perfect parent and had all the answers! We just gotta keep loving them.x

    • sarah vine says:

      I’m trying to figure out why clicking on my name takes me to a sex partner website… ack! My real address should be sarahvine.wordpress.com!

      • azuroo says:

        HAHA That’s annoying but funny. Since I moved to this blog I get a zillion spam comments on every post. I’m going to start using that captcha thing as soon as I get a second to install the plugin.

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