Co-sleeping and Child Led Weaning at Age Four.

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  1. TopHat says:

    As for Ada not being into nursing as much as Rosie, I’ve felt the same way about Isaac’s relationship to nursing compared to Margaret’s. Margaret is just so much in love with nurse and Isaac just uses it to eat. But then I remembered: I used to be worried that Margaret wasn’t “into” breastfeeding as a baby like I saw the nursing toddlers around me. I think it’s the age. When Margaret was a baby (and now Isaac), she wouldn’t calm down at the breast if something was wrong. I had to hold her until she calmed down and THEN nurse her. But as a toddler, she goes straight to breast even if she is screaming. I was afraid she would never comfort nurse because as a baby she didn’t- but as a toddler she definitely does. I guess my point is that as Ada gets older, her reasons for nursing will change and so will her relationship with the breast. She will probably be just as in love with the breast as Rosie was at 2 and 3. :)

  2. Aimee says:

    Love love love love love, so much love for this blog post! I want to share it on my Facebook, can I???

  3. beth says:

    what an awesome x mas gift, the bathroom floors! i’m getting a revamped kitchen for xmas… hubby works with corian and cabinets, so we’re using scraps, and habitat for humanity has a re-store (donated home repair goods, like salvation army for the home) where we picked up a$600 at lowes new used sink for sixty bucks! then all the plumbing cost around 50…. $110 for a kitchen remodel! not too shabby!

    anyhow… i have a rough time with my older ones growing up, watching 7 mth old freyja, its hard to recall the chaos of the two older ones that little (they are 18mths apart) and i savor every baby moment, and try sooo hard to recall those moments i had with the older ones… they are fiercely independent and free spririted, yet still little babies in their own ways. when my son started self weaning he went from being attched to mommy all the time, never wanting anyone else, to being like that with daddy, every moment he is home. i’ve gotten over it, but he used to completely shun me, daddy or no daddy around, just bc he wanted his daddy! Still does sometimes… morning “where”s daddy” “work honey” “i want daddy to get me breakfast not you.” arrrg….Hubby wants to try for another boy….. he comes from a huge italian family soo…. three’s a handful and a 1/2 with the three….i want to focus on natural learning with the two older ones and having ANOTHER baby seems like it would distract too much attention at this point of great need for the 3 we already have.
    as far as the breastfeeding goes….in the words of ani difranco, “without our play stations we are a 3rd world nation” as soon as the average american realizes this, perhaps there will be less judgment of nursing mothers…. i live in the ghetto, and at 7 moths everyone i see is like “your’e still breastfeeding that kid?” ” yes i’d rather share this with her than stick her on a bottle of fluorinated water and high fructose GM corn solids…” ahh as is life in the western world.
    anyhow i hope you guys have a great holiday, and many blessings in the new year!

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