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3 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    This whole story sounds insane, I’ve never heard of giving a child a vaccine that many times, any vaccine. It sounds like they need educated about vaccination. I completely agree that they need to focus on establishing a way to prevent the spread of disease. Vaccination programs can’t work without also practicing prevention and other safe hygiene systems. This program sounds like it needs some help and for someone rational to look at it, I expect Bill gates is just giving the money without actually looking at what’s going on.

  2. beth says:

    bill gates knows exactly what he is doing. he’s stated that vaccines ought to be used for population control. he funds this sort of bad medicine in poor countries across the globe. he’s a sick man working with the deranged medical industry. you’re right….102 million could be used to built sewers, dig wells etc… but it is being used to the detriment of poor children all over the world. he has invested billions in the vaccine racket, in the name of philanthropist compassion. clearly (as he himself has stated) this is not the case… google search bill gates vaccine agenda. you’ll be horribly discusted by the two faced nature of his “good will”

  3. utemotErero says:

    Don’t ask to live in tranquil times. Literature doesn’t grow there.

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