Sugar Camp and Type A Personalities.

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  1. Aimee says:

    I have OCD, and some of what you describe about Rosie makes me think of me as a kid, and my absolute pressing need to have things “just so.” My sister used to get so angry with me; she’d say I was doing things wrong and I would yell “I’M DOING IT THE AIMEE WAY.” I see signs of it in Cecilia already, too, but I feel like I am pretty well equipped to deal with it, having been there myself.

  2. Ashleigh says:

    I’m always amazed at how much I can relate to your stories. My 4yo sounds so much like Rosie. It all arms to be coming to a head lately, too, since she’s 4 and really becoming her own little person who can express her concerns and feelings. I love that you said she is afraid of anarchy.. What a perfect way to say it. I totally relate and my DD is exactly this way. It certainly can present a challenge.
    And about Ada giving you a run for your money.. This is just how I feel about my ten month old! Amazing how different they can be, isn’t it?!
    Thanks for your words, it’s nice to commiserate! :)

  3. Jennifer3 says:

    Oooh, have you guys read The Salamander Room? It would be perfect to read this week! How cool!

  4. sarah vine says:

    My mom was telling me I ought to get a girlfriend to have coffee with me, to get out of the house (just gave birth to number 3, history of PND so she’s just trying to be supportive) and who did I think of but you! Aw, either that’s really, really sad and slightly earie, although you do write a blog and it’s my job as one of the masses on the internet to actually read it…. I just wish I had neighbours like you. Oh well. Never mind. Are you okay? You haven’t posted in a few days? BTW have you read Rosie’s birth story lately? What kind of infant/toddler she was? They don’t magically swap personalities! It’s just our job as mothers to help them get by as reasonable adults by the time they’re 18….. so she’s still got 16 more years to work on that…..x

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