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  1. bethany says:

    good for you, Amy!
    Netflix is so great now that if I were you I would cancel the cable and use the money to put up a privacy fence!

    • azuroo says:

      I wish we could just cancel cable! We’re locked into a contract for about 18 more months. I do like to watch CNN and HGTV and TLC. I dvr shows and then watch them at night when I’m trapped in bed with Ada. But I would still consider canceling cable and just watching those shows online. I hope when our contract is out we can cancel it, then save the money towards our moving expenses. It’s only about $50 a month though.

      • bethany says:

        $50 isn’t too bad… those contracts are so annoying!
        Yay for a tv-free (or limited) lifestyle! I enjoy it very much.

  2. Emily says:

    Good for you! We actually don’t even own a TV, and it is wonderful for our family. We do sometimes watch movies that we rent online or find at the library.

  3. Kelly says:

    We were only ever allowed 30 min of tv a day, this included video games, and if you were in the room while your sibling was watching something. If it was sunny we weren’t really even allowed inside, we were shooed out to go run all of our energy out. It’ll probably be easier for you though once you can send Rosie and Ada out to play together, without you, once they are old enough. It sounds like it is going well to have the tv off. We just have an antenna and netflix, which I try to never have on with Alice awake. Elliott drives me crazy with how deeply immersed he gets into a tv show, he literally will not hear or see anything around him, so I am trying to make sure Alice never gets this way.

  4. beth says:

    we have limited our tv watching to the occasional dvd or netflix. we haven’t had an antennae or cable box in over 5 years and have been perfectly fine without it. i certainly don’t miss the commercials reminding the kids of all the junk they don’t need. it’s been so long the kids don’t even know about commercials, so when we’re at other people’s houses they either get annoyed at the interruption, or NEED everything they see. no movies or shows until after dinner bath etc. even that seems too much sometimes to my weary ears! two summers ago when we were off the grid movies only came when it stormed and we went to the barn with the laptop. we’ll be going back to that this summer. who needs tv when you’ve got campfire songs? and kid stories? and the stars? and cuddly arms? can’t wait!!! its amazing how attached people get to the boobtube, yet how easily one can walk away.

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