A couple of things I love.

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  1. rae says:

    we managed to squeeze our 3 little girls into the back of the car for 18 months, but when I found out we’d be having another little one later this year, we decided it was time to give up and get a minivan. ;) We ended up finding a honda odyssey 2001 for $2,500 which was a really great deal, and we still has tax refund money so we bought it almost immediately. I’m still getting used to driving a MINIVAN but, it is pretty convenient. I took 2 friends and a baby along with my 3 girls and I to a thrift shop in another town, and it was so nice to all ride together. Gas on the other hand, sucks. I try to only drive twice a week, and not too far.
    It’s not very punk rock though. :p :)

  2. Liz says:

    AMY! I am seriously almost peeing my pants laughing at that music video. YES! That made my night! Thanks for sharing!

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