Thoughts on child training…!?

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  1. Heather says:

    I agree with the “training” I never wanted to train my children either, but from the minute they were born I have “taught” them manners and morals.

    My 4 and 3 year old daughters have the basic manners, Please and thank you and Excuse me and You’re welcome down. When my 7 month old son is old enough he’ll start, but for now when he gives me a toy I say thank you or when I give him a toy I say you’re welcome and so do my daughters. By doing this he is already learning manners.

    As for chores, My 4 year old is in charge of getting all the small daily trash cans together and bringing them to the kitchen to be dumped in the big trash. She does this without being told and takes pride in doing it.

    Plus the girls clean their playroom up every night before bed. They also help put laundry away. They are working on folding their own clothes, but sometimes they need mommy to do the arms on their shirts.

    They don’t see them as chores really, they say they are helping mommy. My 3 year old will even help vacuum the house and they both help take care of their cats and turtles.

    I want my children to be proud of what they can do.

    Good Luck with your adventure

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