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  1. Kelly says:

    This is a completely random suggestion, but someone I know, i don’t think you know the family, but they are from Lex. They lived in a trailer on their land while they built a house. I’m not sure how feasible that would be for your family, but they do have 3 kids, and only outside animals. They live in an area that I consider not to be near anything. They slowly added onto their house as they could afford it. They started with 3 bedrooms, then put an addition onto the house of a big family room, and another bedroom. It’s kinda’ my dream right now, but it’ll have to wait for me to graduate, probably….

  2. Erin says:

    Out here you can rent basically a mobile home to live on your land while your home is being built. A friend did this, and the unit was brought to their land, they lived in it in the front yard, and when the house was done, the company picked it back up. I know it was reasonable, but I’m not sure what the cost actually was

    • azuroo says:

      We thought about doing that too but aren’t sure if we can afford it. I’m also worried about tornadoes, living in a mobile home up on a hill with no shelter near by.

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