Gone Wrong.

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  1. Heather says:

    Poor Baby. Do you have a family history of Easy Bleeders? I know that my family doesn’t, but for some reason I inherited the disorder Hemophilia. Which is a rare blood clotting disorder, it’s most common in the Royal family of Europe and also was the disease the Russian royal family’s son had.

  2. Catherine says:

    Hugs and kisses to Ada. Poor baby.

    When my Giselle was 2, she was just like Ada. I don’t believe she held still at all during her childhood! One day in a waiting room, she was walking across the chairs (she was always climbing, too.) Anyway, she fell off and bit through her tongue. Instant blood everywhere! We rushed her to the emergency room, where the nurses did their best to make us feel like the worst parents ever. She ended up with 2 stitches in her tongue.

    10 years on, I now realize that this sort of thing constitutes the battle scars of childhood. Somehow, the kids keep right on going. We, the parents, are the ones who end up with the permanent twitches and grey hair.

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