Wedding last night had some crazy weather!

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  1. christy says:

    you did so great on those! i love wedding photos!

  2. pourprey says:

    Wow. Those pictures are great! You did a wonderful job!

    I love photography and would love to work as a photographer someday, but I still have to learn and practice more. And save money to buy a decent lens, so far I only have the kit lens and the cheap 50mm f1.8. But I’d be so afraid of photographing weddings, specially if I was the main or only photographer! Did you photograph the wedding alone or did you have someone to help you or were there helping another photographer?

    • azuroo says:

      I am the main photographer and I bring my husband to carry my gear and use the back-up camera…I’m training him slowly but surely, haha.

      • pourprey says:

        Wow, you are brave! I’m really impressed with the pictures, I’d definitely hire you if I lived closer or could afford to fly you to wherever I end up getting married :)

        And how nice of your husband to help you. This reminds me of another photographer. He took his wife to help him shoot a wedding once and after helping him a few times when he needed it, she started really enjoying it and they work together now.

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