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  1. Lindsey H. says:

    Love this post! I never leave comments, but I felt like I needed to on this one. I completely agree with you. It’s amazing how much of the Bible applies to parenting. Ironically, a shepherd never hit or beat his sheep. He used the rod to guide them. We are to use our actions and the Bible to guide our children the way would like them to go. Anyways, I did want to throw something out there to you. I know you say that you don’t go to brick and mortar church, but since I have been going back to my parents church, I keep thinking of you and how much I think your family would enjoy it. We have a lot of homeschooling families that I think you would enjoy getting to know. Well, I just wanted to through that all out there. The church is called Oasis Community Church. The church is located on Ashgrove in NIcholasville. I would love to see ya there sometime. :)

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