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  1. rhiannon says:

    I wonder if he’d use puppy piddle pads if you put them down and showed them to him?

  2. Kelly says:

    I love the pictures!! The girls are getting sooo big! I think we have the same dog though! I think it may be because they are rescues. Haru waits until you walk out of the room, and then lets loose, she goes out several times, and seems to do it the worst right after she comes in from a run! It drives us nuts! We finally decided we had to crate train her because we couldn’t take it anymore, she was chewing the walls while we were gone to work and school, or any second she was alone. We talked to the vet about it, and he said it would take several months to years to get trained out of her! We made her crate a very welcoming place, and at the same time we bought shock collars…. This has allowed the dogs to run around outside without me being afraid of them running to the really busy road nearby. We haven’t had to shock them in weeks now, too which is quite amazing. With Burbur a squirt bottle was always enough, Haru acts like it’s challenging her authority though and just barks louder!

    Haru also used to bark at all hours of the night and wake Alice up, this is a complete no for us since Alice hates and despises sleep. It does seem to finally and very slowly be paying off, she has only had one accident in the last week. Another tip the vet gave us was to attach her to one of us with a leash, this way she can’t sneak off and pee somewhere. If we can’t be standing right there with her we have to immediately put her in the crate.

    I think that these changes have made us all so much happier, the collars also have a vibrate button on them as well so that you can give a warning, which seems better to me than the collars that shock every time a dog barks. When no one is home the dogs take their guard duty quite seriously and I wouldn’t want them to be quiet then.

    I hope my rambling craziness has something helpful for you in it, and sorry for the most ridiculously long comment ever!

    • azuroo says:

      I like your comments. :) We have the same problem–he will go off and pee when we’re not looking. Usually I close him in one room at least. Our house is so small it’s hard to fit the crate in here. The poor thing doesn’t even understand the concept of a fence. He hops over and comes to the front porch and cries at the front door!

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