Food Allergies & An Afternoon with Friends.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I know that you’ve probably seen my multiple posts with dealing with Alice’s dairy allergies and trying to find some good (cheap) nutritious alternatives to dairy.
    1) Goat Cheese (we can get 2 long logs at costco for $5.99, so you may want to check Sam’s club and see what they have in the way of this, the soy milk and goats cheese pays for our membership 1000X over, but I don’t know if sam’s has the same things.)
    2) Kefir she can tolerate about half a bottle of it, so we give it to her very rarely, but it’s something you can make on your own and the bacteria should digest all the lactose, we buy ours from costco and it is 99% lactose free.
    3)weird cheeses, the whites tend to be the easiest on your digestive system
    4)coconut milk for the ice cream, our kroger has it in the organic foods section, it’s crazy expensive so you will only eat a very small amount of it.
    5)soy yogurt (homemade or store bought)
    6)mac and cheese with goat cheese
    7) I’ve read of this, but never made one, but you can use yeast to make a cream sauce
    8) once you get the kefir or yogurt started you can use it as a sour cream substitute
    9)almond yogurt
    10)coconut oil instead of butter in lots of things

    -If you would like for me to bring you anything from costco, I’m coming to Lex this weekend. The soy milk is only $1/carton there which is 1/2 the price of whole foods. I have to go there to buy some more milk for Alice this week anyways, don’t let Ada drink any big glasses of cow’s milk! :D

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