Big Changes.

I have many things to update about here.  We no longer live in the cabin.  We had no home for about a month, and I had to give away all of my chickens and ducks. We live downtown near Tyler’s work now because we couldn’t find another farm to rent in a hurry.

Soon I’m going to copy and paste a big back log of entries from my private blog. I’m waiting to get things all settled with the landlords of the cabin.  Let’s just say it’s not ending well.

The new place is fun, but it’s hard to get used to living downtown. There’s no privacy, it’s loud and busy compared to my gorgeous dead end gravel road.

At least the new place has good light…





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One thought on “Big Changes.

  1. I’m soooooo sad for you! That place brought you so much peace and happiness! :(.


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