The Speech Evaluation.

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  1. Heather says:

    My 5 year old daughter is starting speech therapy as well. Unlike your daughter, she’s excited and happy to start. She keeps telling me “Once they fix my talking problem, I’ll be the best talker.”

    She’s in public preschool and will attend Public school. I could never do home schooling, I’m not discipline enough to get the work done. We did ensure we choose the best schools for our children. We have a really good small school system, so that is always helpful.

  2. sarah vine says:

    Two of my children (now 8 and 6) have had to have speech therapy, and neither of them ever felt different for it. Maybe because I never really pointed out their struggles as reasons for our visits, but instead described it as getting one-on-one attention time, where they get to play games ect with “Alona Tikshoret!” (Her first name and occoupation title in Hebrew.) Maybe it was my enthusiasm? Maybe I never wanted them to feel like they had these extra lessons because of a lack? Maybe it’s because they were referred due to vocabulary and sentence structure issues as dual language children, and not due to a lisp. However my daughter has a lisp, which they are treating as well, but I never pointed it out. We just think she has a cute, very french-like accent…. My son’s lessons took place in a therapy center for severely handicapped children, but I took it as a chance to normalize different ‘kinds’ of people, to get them to see past the physical appearances and that it really doesn’t have to be scary or strange to be in a wheelchair etc.x

  3. sarah vine says:

    I hope that didn’t sound critical or too cheery – I think I was just really glad to get the extra help for my kids, so that’s the way I reacted!

    • azuroo says:

      Those are really good ways to look at it! I guess Rosie’s reaction kind of caught me off guard. It’s a really big deal to her to go to see the school where her friends go and where the bus goes, but then she has to go to the special ed room and not a regular class. I think that’s what’s upsetting her. Once we get started with the actual therapy hopefully it will be better. She’s just one of those kids that is resistant to everything at first, I have no idea why. I’m used to it now and I’ve learned to just gently push through her resistance and usually she realizes she likes it in the end…it’s been the same way when we started dance and piano, both of which she now loves but at first swore she hated and would never go back. Silly kid!

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