Henry at 17 Months Old.

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  1. Ursa says:

    Henry is such a sweet little boy. That mischievous little smile!!!
    My son is three months older than him and I’ve been doing EC sporadically with him since birth, but he seems to hate pooping into the potty. Peeing yes, but pooping frustrates him so much he prefers to hide in a corner or under the table and do his thing in the nappy. I’m not too happy about that because I barely ever had to scrape my daughter’s poo from a diaper when she was a baby but yeah, I can’t really force him.
    I just wanted to say good luck with getting rid of giardia. I really love reading about your life and I think you are an awesome, inspiring and loving mom! And a great photographer.

    • azuroo says:

      Aw, thanks! I think a lot of kids have random fears of pooping, haha. I bet it’s just a phase he outgrows. I was SO HAPPY when Henry started pooping in the potty because I didn’t want to deal with the diapers, selfishly. ;)

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