Broken Leg.

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  1. christy says:

    oh poor rosie! but those family photos in the doctor’s office are HYSTERICAL and you will cherish those and laugh about the experience someday. hope she feels better soon and that you get ready in time for the chicken tour!

  2. Heather says:

    It was a freak accident and it’s not a complete break, it’s a simple fracture. A Fracture is just a step above Sprain and it’s really minor compared to a break. A fracture usually doesn’t break any nerve or blood vessels and usually after it’s healed will show no signs or evidence that it had happened. A Break will break blood vessels and Nerves and will always be evident that it happened on XRays. (I’m a Rad. Tech.) From looking at the XRays you posted it is evident that if it had happened in an adult there would be no mention of it, since it is a child, they will take precautions. The likely cause of the accident was she became entangled in her blankets and on top of her kicking and Tyler picking her up, she twisted her leg in the wrong direction. It happens.

  3. sarah vine says:

    I agree, love the pics and don’t worry. My firstborn broke his forearm at 13 months, crawling off the bed arms first as I was totally diving to stop him, and I didn’t get him to get an xray for THREE DAYS because I didn’t realize that it was broken. Only after I noticed he wasn’t crawling and didn’t like his arm touched did I realize it was more than just a bump. Horror. I was sure child protection services were going to come after me, especially when sitting in the waiting room I realized that since the skin beside my nails had cracked and was bleeding painfully (cold weather) and I had just carefully applied cream and bandaged each one with little strips of white tape! Talk about looking like a crazy mom. Then when he was 2 he was walking in a field, holding hands with his grandmother, tripped on a tuft of grass and broke his collar bone. Not even running! Holding hands! With a grandmother of all people! Thankfully there have been no broken bones for any of us for the last 6 years, tfu tfu.You can be the best parent and still some things just happen. May she have lots of kisses and good books and may the temper tantrums become a thing of the past! Hug.x

  4. JessKa says:

    Aww! So sorry to hear Rosie got hurt! Sadly these things happen but kids bounce back pretty quick. As for you and Tyler. Anyone can see you are loving doting parents. I’m a virtual stranger to you but I’ve been following your blog now for quite a few years. Anyone who read a short portion of your blogs, or just looked at your photos of your kiddos would know how much you cherish them! Heck, I’ve even been known to say I’d follow many of your examples as a parent. Accidents happen!! Hope she’s a-okay in time for her recital and for you to get that To-Do List tackled! Good luck

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