To Love and Let Go–

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  1. U. says:

    Maybe you could tell your kids the Fox and the Grapes fable to help them understand Igor’s behaviour. It’s easier to say goodbye if he makes himself believe that he doesn’t really like you. I can’t imagine how tough it must be for all of you, but at the same time this is truly a great learning experience for all of you. Igor will know he deserves love no matter what, and your kids will learn that there are people less fortunate than you and that it feels good to help any way you can and also a lot about human feelings and behaviour. And that sometimes life is just horrible, but we need to push forward.
    You often wrote that everything happens for a reason and it really does. You’ve grown so much in the years I’ve been reading your blog. And your kids are growing up seeing your endless efforts to help underprivileged kids, trying to make them feel loved unconditionally. I think this is a great gift for them, regardless of the final outcome. When all this will be behind you, you will look back and see more positive than negative things and so will Igor. I think you also need to take into account Igor’s age – if he were smaller it would be easier for him to just forget about his life in the Ukraine for the summer and enjoy, but at this age his identity is strongly intertwined with his roots, no matter how rotten they are. Poor little guy, he just sounds so terribly confused.
    I really hope everything will somehow work out for the best and that your goodbye won’t be too sour. Good luck to all of you.

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