Ever wonder why adoption costs so much?

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  1. Tina says:

    Hey Amy,

    Long-time reader, never posted before though. I wanted to let you know that you forgot to redact K’s name from one of the sentences. The one that starts ” Then the State Department of Adoption in Kyiv, Ukraine will send us a travel date/appointment date…” (3 paragraphs under where you listed the cost of the U.S. paperwork.) I figured I’d let you know so you could edit it.

    I love reading your blog and have enjoyed watching your girls grow up over the last couple of years. I know you feel overwhelmed sometimes, but you’re doing a great job. When you get the chip in set up, I’ll try to donate what I can. You might also try to set up an indiegogo.com funding campaign. There are some adoption fundraisers on there already, and it looks like some of them are being funded.

    Good luck!

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