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  1. pourprey says:

    Did you ever try propolis? It has a lot of health benefits supposedly and is good for the immune system.

    I’ve started using it recently and haven’t had a cold or bad case sore throat since. I started at the beginning of winter (which starts at late may/early june here). This is the first winter I didn’t get sick at all.

    I use a honey propolis spray at the slightest sign of throat pain. That’s usually all that’s needed to get rid of the pain and prevent something worse from happening.

    If I feel I’m coming down with a cold or the pain is stronger, I take the propolis extract (it says it’s “green propolis”) and usually 2-3 doses (about 10-15 drops each dose, twice a day) are enough for me to feel 100% back to normal.

    Don’t know if it would work for you but I thought I would mention it since it’s working great for me.

    Beware though that the extract tastes really nasty, i gagged the first time I tried it. It said to dissolve in a cup of water but I’d throw up if I had to drink the whole thing, so now I either mix it with sugar and swallow without breathing or dissolve it in a very small amount of water.

    Since it’s kind of sticky. I’d recommend drinking something hot after taking it to be able to dissolve it well and get rid of the taste.

    If you already knew about all of this, sorry for all the redundant information!

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