half heard in the stillness-- between two waves of the sea.



It’s mid morning and the heat index is being driven towards 100 degrees due to the stifling humidity. We’re walking at a snail’s pace through the parking lot of the local park. The sun is blinding. The blacktop is reflecting shimmering heat onto our damp skin. The kids and I were supposed to meet up with new friends at the park, but we’re forty minutes late because it took so long to get all four small people dressed and out the...

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Igor spent the entire day today and yesterday riding his bike! He must have ridden miles worth of sidewalk and road around our block. He is so happy. I can’t describe it. He’s doing really well these past few days. Something in him has changed. It’s like he’s gone from 2D to 3D. Tyler told me that doesn’t make sense and he doesn’t understand what I’m saying, but it’s like Igor has gone from stiff and closed to shining and puffed...

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Worth More Than a Thousand Words

You know that quote that says the best things in life are free? I think it’s misleading. As it turns out, the best things in life are the ones that you have to work the hardest to accomplish. The best things are the ones you have sacrificed the most for, the things you’ve been tempted to give up on yet persevered. Free things? Something you’ve been handed, something you haven’t sweated to earn? Those are things taken for granted. Today we...

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Water Joy.

This afternoon it was warm and sunny. First warm day in a long time! We found ourselves downtown at these amazing fountains. The kids didn’t have swim suits, but we told them they could go play in their clothes. Igor couldn’t believe it. “Really? Dis ok Mom? Dis ok??? Really, ok dis?!” The kids had a blast, pun intended. We shall be returning to this place soon, this time with swimsuits and towels in hand. That is if the sun and...


Sad Face.

Here’s the deal: Igor is attached to his family, sort of. He calls them several times a week, mainly his mom. I found an app where you can buy about 45 minutes for $5 then it routes the call from a local number to Ukraine. So it’s not that expensive. Igor said this past spring that he wants us to adopt him. Recently his mom changed her mind and said she doesn’t want him to be adopted. The thing is she...


New Friends!

Rosie is THRILLED. First we met a nice family down the street. They have a 10 year old daughter who is just like Rosie: A little quiet, likes to draw and read, loves Minecraft and Littlest Petshop. Rosie has played with her for hours, every chance they get. I am so happy for her to have finally found a friend her age that likes similar things! Her mom is very nice too. She’s a public school art teacher. Her husband is...

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Pictures and Videos from my Phone

Just to be more clear, in the previous entry the issues I was referring to are Igors and not specifically our issues. Though I guess in some ways his issues ARE our issues since he’s part of our family. The harshness of his life at the orphanage has really traumatized him. Did I never post these pictures? I looked back and didn’t see them! They start on June 15th. At the hotel pool. Spent a long, long time there. Henry swimming...

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We’re still alive.

I haven’t written anything because I’m having trouble finding the right words to say. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain things accurately with snippets of photos and words. People are quick to form judgements, because as humans that’s what we do best–we judge everything from our own point of view in order to create the reality we believe to be true. That age old dichotomy of reality vs. perception, you know? There are things I can’t say because you wouldn’t understand. It’s...

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He’s Here!

Tyler: You’re forcing me to adopt a Ukrainian teenage boy, and I love it. What have you done to me? Igor is 11 this year. We first met him when he was 8! It’s like he never left. Are there even any words?? We went swimming in a pool that belongs to my in-laws’ friends this afternoon as soon as Tyler and Igor arrived from the airport. Henry can swim. Igor took this picture of me and the one of Rosie....

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It’s Happening Now!

See that kid in the blue shirt bending over to reach a backpack on the floor? That would be my Igor. My Igor, in the Kyiv airport because he is currently getting ready to board his 6:15 a.m. flight. Tyler will pick him up at the airport tomorrow afternoon, and then they’ll head back this way to us. We’ll see them Saturday morning. I am so, so, so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!