half heard in the stillness-- between two waves of the sea.

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Tyler and Igor at the airport: Igor loved the Superman sweatshirt. He didn’t take it off until he got in bed, and I think he would have slept in it if it wasn’t (weirdly) 65 degrees outside and warm upstairs in the loft of our cabin. Group shot upon arrival at home! (Minus me…) (Why does this one have weird iPhone distortion? Boo!) Igor and Rosie were so excited to see each other. As soon as the car stopped Igor flung the door...

Goat Milking & Pictures from the beginning of December. 1

Goat Milking & Pictures from the beginning of December.

I’m goat sitting for my friend while her family is on vacation. She lives about 20 minutes away from me, which means out here she’s sort of my neighbor. It takes 15 minutes just to get up out of the area where I live to go anywhere. She has 16 goats. I’m milking one goat twice daily, and another goat is due to give birth any second! Her udder filled with milk a few days ago, which is a sign labor...

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Yesterday (Wednesday) morning when I woke up I realized the refrigerator light wasn’t on. It wasn’t running either. You know how you get used to the hum of things, like appliances. When they are silent then it is suddenly Very Quiet. Some things in the freezer had already begun to defrost a bit, they were getting a coat of white frost on the outsides of the packages. This makes me think it must have died during the night early on. I...

Henry’s Head. 1

Henry’s Head.

Henry turned 16 weeks old on Monday. That’s four months. The doctor told me to wait until his four month well baby visit to reassess his head shape for a neurosurgeon referral. I’ve been so worried about his head. I tried to schedule his well baby check up for sooner, but they didn’t have any openings. Instead I made a sick visit appointment to discuss it with the pediatrician. I’ve known for months now that his head isn’t right. I stare...

Nope, Nope, Nope. 0

Nope, Nope, Nope.

The renters are moving into the house we own in town this weekend. In some ways it’s a relief to have that over and done with, and funny to think of someone else living in our home! I would never want to move back there, ever, so I’m not sad in the least. I wish we could have sold it. Other houses in the area were selling for $97,000. We bought our house for $112,000 in 2007 and in 2009 it...

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PS: My Life is Ridiculous.

Whew. Well first off let me assure you that I am writing to you from a cabin complete with a running refrigerator. How that refrigerator arrived here is another story. This morning, as I was trying to feed my children breakfast without the use of any refrigerated foods, the landlady and I had a bit of words during which I informed her that they absolutely could not rent out this cabin to anyone else without making major repairs, and that we...

Germs, Anxiety, Abandoning The Cabin. 0

Germs, Anxiety, Abandoning The Cabin.

I am struggling with anxiety once again.   This time I’m finally going to try medication. I’m not sure what yet. Before they gave me a prescription for Zoloft, but I never picked it up from the pharmacy. Chickened out! I’m scared of the side effects. I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday evening.   It’s just too much–being alone with the kids all the time and no break. I have this constant feeling of stress and impending doom. Anxious. I...

Ada’s First Hair Cut, The End of October, & Other Pictures. 0

Ada’s First Hair Cut, The End of October, & Other Pictures.

Here are some pictures from recently. I can’t remember which ones I’ve posted before. I think this was the week before Halloween: Kitten is obsessed with the faucet in the bathroom. Henry dressed in cute clothes. I feel like he’s so much bigger than this now, even though it was just a few weeks ago! And you can see his torticollis here. His head was stuck in that position. Thank goodness that’s fixed mostly. This was the Saturday morning before Halloween....

Halloween Photos. 0

Halloween Photos.

We had to carve our pumpkin without Tyler this year since he was at work. We didn’t have time to do it beforehand, and we were running out of days before Halloween! I decided to try using the drill. It went…ok. Rosie designed the pumpkin and I carved it. This is when the drill ran out of batteries before we did the last whiskers. All lit up! Our town changed trick or treating to the 1st of November since we had...

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Big News!

See the video:   Thanks to a *very* generous donation his hosting is FULLY FUNDED!