half heard in the stillness-- between two waves of the sea.

Halloween Photos. 0

Halloween Photos.

We had to carve our pumpkin without Tyler this year since he was at work. We didn’t have time to do it beforehand, and we were running out of days before Halloween! I decided to try using the drill. It went…ok. Rosie designed the pumpkin and I carved it. This is when the drill ran out of batteries before we did the last whiskers. All lit up! Our town changed trick or treating to the 1st of November since we had...

Big News! 0

Big News!

See the video:   Thanks to a *very* generous donation his hosting is FULLY FUNDED!

Bring Igor Back? 0

Bring Igor Back?

My poor sweet Igor. This is just all wrong. The other family couldn’t adopt him because relatives apparently showed up. We thought the relatives were going to adopt him, but it seems they aren’t. Igor was moved to another orphanage. He has to be so heartbroken and confused. This summer he told the American family wanting to adopt him that he had a mom and he had her phone number with him written down on a piece of paper. The American...

10 Weeks of Chub. 0

10 Weeks of Chub.

Henry is ten weeks old now. He’s growing up so quickly! This week he’s really started following things with his eyes. He looks around towards sounds and voices, he follows me out of the room with his eyes.  He’s really starting to shed that whole newborn blob thing and come into his own as a chunky baby. Henry also discovered his hands this week. He was staring at his fist cross eyed and then tasting it some last week.  This week...

Sloping Floors and Other Woes. 0

Sloping Floors and Other Woes.

My concerns about the welfare of this cabin are increasing exponentially. I love this place. LOVE IT. More than words can say. It’s not unlivable, though not in idea condition either. We’re comfortable right now. However, the sloping floors are freaking me out. In the past week for some reason the bathroom floor has gained some major slope-age from the toilet area downward toward the corner of the bathtub. It’s very obvious and not just a slight dip. So much that...

Plagiocephaly. (9 weeks) 3

Plagiocephaly. (9 weeks)

My poor boy has a crooked head. It wasn’t molded at birth, but it got increasingly funny shaped as he grew.  He was jammed in the womb at an odd angle with his arm stuck over his head, and he was born in that position.  Apparently that pressure can cause the head to start off growing unevenly. I’m so annoyed at everything I read about plagiocephaly online.  Henry’s head is not misshapen from laying in seats and cribs for too long. ...

A little about everything. (8 weeks) 1

A little about everything. (8 weeks)

Suddenly it’s fall here. Leaves falling, a crisp feel to the days even when the sun is warm, walnuts on the ground, chickens beginning to molt. Fall at the cabin has a magical feel to it.  It does not leave me disappointed.  I love walking into the woods each day.  There’s always something new–new smells, different bugs, flowers in bloom that weren’t there the day before. I’ve been so busy spending time outside, and surprisingly meeting new people.  New friends.  And...

Signs of Fall. 0

Signs of Fall.

Oh this boy! Love him so much. He’s definitely not an easy going baby.  I’m pretty sure he cries more than Rosie and Ada ever did! There’s very little time that he’s actually content.  He’s almost always crying, flailing his arms and legs, tensed up, or in some kind of frantic mode.  He’s got an extremely high suck need too, he wants to nurse 24/7…except when he’s just crying. I even tried a pacifier! He liked it for a few hours...

4 weeks & 2 days. 0

4 weeks & 2 days.

These coyotes! Last night once I finally got to sleep, after multiple children waking up, the coyotes decided it would be a great time to yip, yowl, and howl for an hour right behind my cabin. That made my dogs bark inside, along with the neighbor’s livestock dog which is 100+ pounds and has a very echoey booming bark. We have this tiny hunting flashlight that lights up about five acres of pitch black darkness out here.  It highlights the glowing...

Three weeks & 1 day. 0

Three weeks & 1 day.

Henry spends so much time asleep! I have so many things to do and here he is sound asleep on me, again.  I know this stage will go by quickly, so I’d better soak up all this newborn goodness while I can. Tyler dumped the entire contents of our storage unit in the cabin on Sunday.  I spent yesterday alternating between screaming baby and sorting out this stuff.  It’s hard to find somewhere for it to go when your cabin has...