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What if’s…. 1

What if’s….

I’m having a lot of anxiety. That’s really nothing new considering I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time, but still…anxiety is lame and I dislike it. I’m nervous about K coming. We’ve already got such a good thing going, what if she ruins it?  What if her visit is just horrible? What if she has reactive attachment disorder?  What if it’s just too hard to deal with? What if she hates us?  What if our house is too messy?  I can’t keep...

The Lipstick & The Spring Dance Recital 0

The Lipstick & The Spring Dance Recital

Now for some things that are good. Mainly my kids!  (I mean, you know, they aren’t always good, but they are pretty much awesome 99% of the time.  Or when they aren’t trying to make me crazy…) Rosie had her spring dance recital last night.  For the recital she has to wear make-up.  The outfits and the make-up kind of make me want to run in circles screaming and then bury my head in the sand, but Rosie absolutely *loves* every...

A tour of our house. 1

A tour of our house.

(iPad typing again, excuse any errors.  It doesn’t spell check or let me correct because I can’t scroll down in the editor.) I am suddenly so busy. I don’t like being this busy.  It’s stressful.  I’ve had a lot of photography business, which I thought I wanted.  Now I’m not so sure.  I just don’t have time to take care of the kids, homeschool, ENJOY the kids, take care of pets, do all the chores, cook all the meals, run all...

AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1! 1


You guys won’t believe this. With your help and Rosie’s lemonade stand fund raiser we’ve raised $1,119 out of $2,500 since Thursday for K’s summer hosting opportunity! I fell asleep last night anxious that we wouldn’t get the rest of the money in time.  I mean how could it be possible for us to get $2,500 so quickly?  The last thought on my mind as I fell asleep around midnight was a prayer that if we were meant to have K this summer it...

Fundraising to host an orphan this summer! 3

Fundraising to host an orphan this summer!

Exciting news! So exciting I’m about to explode. Our family has decided to host an orphan from Ukraine this summer for six weeks.  Rosie is absolutely thrilled.  She’s already pledged all the money in her piggy banks to go towards the fees. We’re going through the program Children’s Cultural Connection. The little girl we want to host is six years old.  Her name is only listed as “K”.  She likes play dough, dancing, dress-up, and is above average in her studies....

Rosie in the garden. 0

Rosie in the garden.

Oh, I love them both. And Rosie, well she’s just so grown up looking lately.  How is this happening so quickly? She’s about to lose her first front tooth on the top.  She’s going to look so different after that. (Yes, Duck Face is huge now.)

Broken Leg. 4

Broken Leg.

On Sunday night Rosie was being absolutely awful and refusing to go to sleep even though she was waaaay over tired.  She just kept screaming and kicking, it was terrible!  Finally at 10 Tyler went in her room and sat on the bed to scoop her up in his arms, but somehow in a split second in the dark her leg got caught or something.  Tyler doesn’t even know what happened.  Rosie was kicking and fighting him and it was a...

Pleasantries. 0


Today was an awkward stressful sort of day where a lot of things went wrong. For example the electric company contracted a tree cutting service to trim branches from around the power lines, but instead they came in my yard while we were asleep and chopped down (at the base) my five foot tall red leaf maple tree that Rosie and I planted a couple years ago when Ada was born. They also moved my picnic table and left it against...

Worst Road Trip EVER. 5

Worst Road Trip EVER.

This is a great blog entry.  One in which I admit to drugging my toddler and leaving my five year old alone with strange men outside a diner.  In other words, it’s a post about a bad day.  A really, really, REALLY bad day.  In hindsight it’s a tiny bit funny.  Just a teeny tiny bit.   We tried to go to meet friends from my April 2010 due date club yesterday in Asheville and it was a complete and total fail. ...

Alice & Ada (Photos) 0

Alice & Ada (Photos)

Last week we babysat Ada’s friend Alice for the afternoon.  Alice and Ada are almost the same age.  Alice is a few weeks older. We played outside a lot. Toddler face-off! (Ada has a fantastically over dramatic frowny face she always makes, and lately it’s been even more dramatic by the addition of eye rolls with the frown and pursed lips.) Alice tested out Ada’s new scooter. Rosie played with her friend Hannah who lives down the street. Bubbles were so...