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Ballet Vlog!

  Here’s a vlog from Ada’s dance class last Thursday. Ada *really* wanted me to video her practicing for the recital coming up in May. After ballet we went to Chick-Fil-A, which is also in the vlog. This Thursday’s ballet class on Ada’s birthday. She’s so excited to tell her ballet teacher!

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Slo Mo Trampoline FUN!

Ok, so my voice in slo mo when jumping on the trampoline equals hilarity. I sound completely drunk and wasted. “Dooooo youuuuur magic moooooves…!” Can’t stop laughing. In the second half of this vlog Ada graphically loses her top front tooth. Huge milestone!  


Read, Write & Type: A Review of a Fun Program for Early Elementary Kids!

Ada and I have been reviewing a learn to read and type program called Read, Write & Type from Talking Fingers Inc.  We received a year subscription. Ada is almost six and still learning how to read smoothly. I hadn’t even considered teaching her how to type yet, but it turns out she’s very capable of learning how!   Read, Write & Type is a fully online program for kids at the K-2nd grade levels or ages 6-8. The program covers a...

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Alright, so still loving Plexus. Sugar cravings I’ve had are GONE. I’m talking I don’t even want/need to eat cookies. I could take them or leave them. Belly is feeling pretty good. Still not 100% normal, but it’s different in a good way! I’ve had no bloating at all until PMS the past day or so. So awesome. Anyone who has been watching and waiting to see if it’s something worth trying: IT IS! And the 15% off code ends on...

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Homeschool Copywork: A Review!

I always get excited when a review comes up for a Charlotte Mason style product! We were given a lifetime membership to the website Homeschool Copywork to review, which is awesome because we really value the importance of copywork around here.   Homeschool Copywork provides more than just handwriting practice sheets!  The copywork includes various booklets on famous artists, poetry, Bible verses, holiday related quotes, famous speeches, and character traits. The website includes multiple levels of copywork: Early Elementary Copywork, Upper...

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Foster Care Classes, Round 2.

I like the instructor of our foster care licensing classes. She doesn’t teach every single class, but so far she’s taught three out of four of them. Next week she’s on vacation so we’ll have a different instructor, she said she didn’t know who it would be. Keeps things interesting I guess. The instructor I like is named J. She has two jobs at the moment in addition to being a social worker for our agency. She teaches a class on...

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Sicky Henry & Plexus Update

I have so much stuff to do today, and here I am sitting on my butt. Henry wouldn’t go to sleep until after 1 in the morning last night. He’s been battling a stuffy nose, which has turned into a cough. He’s never had a cough before. It’s made him off schedule because he keeps napping during the day. Yesterday he made me lay with him for 2 hours in bed. Every time I tried to sneak away he would say...

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Vladik’s hosting fees are all paid up! I just paid the final amount invoice today. It was like a week late, but it’s done. WOOHOOOO! Now I have to: 1) Do the $45 background check 2) Do the $40 home safety check 3) Fill out and mail in paperwork 4) Figure out how I’m going to afford the plane tickets to pick him up. I hate that Orlando is so far away from me. Southwest has direct flights to Orlando from...

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Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co.: A Math Review!

Our latest item for review is Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co. We’ve been using the physical version of Times Tales that a friend gave us a couple of years ago in our homeschool and loving it, but we’d never seen the video version until The Trigger Memory Co. offered it to us for review! For the review we were given a digital download, which included the videos as two mp4 files, printable flashcards, plus a few worksheets including a...

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First Foster Parent Licensing Classes!

We had our first two classes for foster care licensing yesterday. I’m bartering with a local friend–she’s watching my kids in exchange for me photographing her birth. I was nervous about leaving Henry since he’s not used to have any kind of babysitter, but I think he did ok. The only issue was that he kept refusing to use the potty for her and instead peeing in his pants. He doesn’t often pee in his pants besides a tiny dribble on...