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Today, GO!

I am designating today as Clean Up the House Day. No school. Just cleaning. Because I am stuck in the doldrums of mid February, and my house has become a pit of random toys and disorganized clothing. Friends, it’s time to fight back and slay the clutter beast! Or at least shove all the clutter into a corner of the basement. (Just keeping it real here.) We shall fold the clean laundry mountain and rewash the mildewing towels in the washing...

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The Facebook Page!

Hey look! We decided to go ahead and make a Facebook page for the blog and YouTube channel. I was afraid no one would like it. ;) The kids are having so much fun making vlogs. Even if not many people ever watch them, we’ll still have tons of cool videos for memories. But I’m really hoping we can use some revenue for hosting costs! Check out our page and like it if you’re on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/halfheardinthestillness Our latest video is...

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DonutFace Vlog!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Vladik and Igor lately. We haven’t talked to Igor since he got back to Ukraine. He can use his roommate’s phone to Skype with us, but he hasn’t. I know better than to take it personally. Life is just unfair. I love that kid. Despite everything, I love him and I will never stop. I’ll never forget the way the top of his head smells, just like one of my own children. I still haven’t...

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February: The Annual Worst Month Ever

Many nights I spend what feels like the entire night trapped in twisted dreams about my house falling apart, having to move unexpectedly, desperately trying to pack while it’s cold or wet in the house, not having enough money, mean landlords showing up, and feeling unsure where we will live. I have so many of those nightmares I’m afraid to go to sleep sometimes. It’s February. In February 2014 the heat stopped working in the cabin, everything including the toilet bowl...

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Winter at the Zoo

I took the kids to the zoo the other day. It was sunny outside and very windy, but it was about 55 degrees even with the ice cold wind. We wore flip flops. Except for Rosie, who is ever more practical. We have a membership to the zoo because it’s only about 40 minutes from our house, and it’s such a huge zoo you can go twenty times and still not get bored. We’d never been in the winter before though....

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Vlad’s Story: The Prequel & The Beginning

You know, sometimes I think we spend a lot of time denying ourselves happiness and joy in life. Who in their right mind would turn down joy? That would be absurd, would it not? But every time someone tells me they could never do that– They could never have x amount of children because it would be too exhausting/expensive/scary/whatever. They could never host or foster a child because it would be too hard to send them back. It’s not fair to...

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The Big Flashing Neon Sign.

I’m not sure what just happened. It involves my big glaring neon sign (see previous entry), an hours long phone conversation, and a child named Vladik. O_O You have to know that I hate talking on the phone. I avoid it. I don’t answer it. I never, ever talk on the phone for hours. Ever. My friend told me there was a cute little boy named Vladik on the host list for summer hosting with the organization she uses. I looked...

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I am still so torn over Igor. I feel like we’re stuck with him, in more ways than one. First of all we love him, and that’s a big thing, and it’s not going to stop regardless of what happens. However, the trauma. The trauma of hosting him and returning him over and over–it’s rough, and I don’t just mean for us. It’s hard for him. It’s such a double edged sword. He wants to be here with us, yet the...


Keeping Busy.

I have some news about Igor. I’m not really sure what to say yet. I’m working on gathering my thoughts. In the mean time I’m keeping busy, see? The Toddler Life: Henry’s antics=Never a dull moment, ya’ll.