half heard in the stillness-- between two waves of the sea.

Christmas Eve. 0

Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve at my in-laws’ house… And then he threw up, right in the seat belt hole in the bottom of the seat…apparently he’d snacked on cat food prior to getting in the car. (Tyler’s brother.)

He loves her more than me. 3

He loves her more than me.

My dog Hank is something special. He’s an American Foxhound.  We got him from the shelter when Rosie was a baby.  He was biding his time, just about out of days until…you know.  The shelter warned us not to adopt him because he was a handful. Apparently he escaped one day and ran out of the automatic doors, down a busy four lane road, and no one could catch him.  They gave up.  A few hours later he came right back...

8 Months. 2

8 Months.

It’s been 8 months since the most amazing day ever. I gave birth to my sweet squishy Ada in our bed, in the same spot we’re snuggling in right now as I write this. I caught her with my own two hands while the midwife stood back and made the video. I did it!  I grew her in my womb, felt the top of her head inside of me as I dilated, and I was the first person to hold her. The other day...

The Necklace Saga. 0

The Necklace Saga.

For Rosie’s first birthday Tyler’s Granny gave her this little locket.  At the time I didn’t realize the significance of it–our lives were somewhat disorganized, we were just getting started out on our own and everything.  I remember we put the necklace on Rosie for his Granny to see, and later Rosie was tugging on it and fearing it would break I took it off and stuck it…somewhere. A year or so later Tyler’s Granny brought over this extremely expensive and out of...

The Progress of Nosey Puppy. 1

The Progress of Nosey Puppy.

Last month I decided I wanted to get Ada a pull toy doggy for Christmas.  I searched and searched but I couldn’t find one I liked.  None were cute enough, none looked like our dogs so that Ada would recognize it.  She loves dogs so much for some reason. Then I saw Fisher Price Nosey Puppy #445 from the 1950’s. I found one for sale on Etsy for just a few dollars… He was in sad condition, but I had to buy him! On the other side of his...

Co-sleeping and Child Led Weaning at Age Four. 4

Co-sleeping and Child Led Weaning at Age Four.

Another day of being alone.  Thankfully Tyler will be off this weekend, because I’m not sure how much more I can take.  He came home from work at 4 in the morning, then slept until 1.  At 1 he got up and we ran to the store to arrange for the appraiser to come tomorrow to price tile floors for the kitchen and bathroom.  (That’s what the in-laws are getting us for Christmas!)  It’s estimated at $2,800 including the tiles and installation. ...

Fleece Bags. 3

Fleece Bags.

We woke up this morning to four inches of snow on the ground.  It usually doesn’t snow much in December, this is like January weather.  Strange! The average day time high temp for December here is 45 degrees.  Today the high was 21 degrees.  Brrr. Rosie is still seriously struggling with her attitude issues.  She was fine all weekend, but then today she’s been horrible.  And you know what?  It’s because she knew Tyler was going back to work tonight.  I feel...

Success! 1


After trying to figure out knitting and/or crocheting for several years, I have finally succeeded!  I’m so excited.  I can do it, I can really crochet stuff, not just make semi-formed thingies. So far I’ve made this little dolly, Sleeping Sarah, who still needs a face. Isn’t she cute?  Ada loves to chew on her hat tip. I also made Ada a hat.  I am debating whether to add ear flaps or kitty ears to it. The hook size I need to make the ear flaps...

The Intruder Incident. 5

The Intruder Incident.

It’s 6:00 at night and it’s dark out and I am a bit on edge. Up until a few days ago I’ve always felt fairly safe in our neighborhood.  I know all of our neighbors, nothing scary ever really happens…a lot of older people live around here so the most excitement we get are ambulances when someone has a medical problem. Tyler leaves for work at 3:45 every afternoon.  It gets fully dark around 5:45-6 in the evening these days. The...

Bangers a la BANG! 3

Bangers a la BANG!

Rosie had her first ever dentist visit this morning.  It was shockingly uneventful.  I don’t know what I was so nervous about. I’ve been going to the same dentist since I was three years old.  The dentist was excited that I was bringing in my kid, said it made him feel old.  He took a picture on his camera of Rosie and him together.  I’m waiting for him to email it to me.  He’s a nice guy. Rosie was thrilled to get to go...