half heard in the stillness-- between two waves of the sea.

Henry, age 2. 0

Five Minutes of Henry.

I just wanted one sweet picture of him smiling without his sunglasses on! The pout: Singing into an invisible microphone! Here’s a video of our post-Thanksgiving dinner time, just hanging out… Edit entry Delete entry  

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When Your Husband is Defeated by a Four Pound Cat.

The kids and I left this weekend to come down to Kentucky to stay with my parents for a week. I’m photographing my friend’s birth and her due date was Saturday. So far no baby! This is her third birth. I’ve photographed the other two. Have I ever mentioned how much I love births?? Tyler had to work on Monday and Tuesday (today and tomorrow). He’s planning on coming down on Wednesday. So the way we have our ridiculous kitties set...

Hello, Giardia. 0

When Your Poop Smiles Back at You.

First of all, this entry will be about giardia (yes, again) so this is your fair warning that it will contain mention of poo. Since taking the giardia med (Alinia) a couple of weeks ago I have been feeling GREAT!! AMAZING. WONDERFUL. No more belly pain. No more weird poops or diarrhea, no more bouts of horrific, painful, and disturbingly scented gas. But… I’ve been trying to get my kids in to see a doctor here for months now. The new...

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Please See These Kids!

Love First Ministries is the organization that we host Igor with. Here is their website, and their Facebook page. http://www.lovefirstministries.org/ https://www.facebook.com/Love-First-Ministries-1539258289638831/ They still have a handful of children waiting to be chosen for winter hosting this year! The following children are at Igor’s orphanage. I have known them for several years now, on social media, at the airport, on Skype, and through other families who have adopted from the orphanage. This is K. She will be aging out this year. She...



I made it public, officially on Facebook and my blog. Igor is coming back. I hesitated because I was nervous. I was honest about our struggles this summer. I didn’t know how people would react to finding out we are having him back again. Mostly positive response, which is good. Lots of private messages from friends. It’s hard because I get several different responses when I talk about what it’s really like, the nitty gritty of life with a traumatized child....

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Big Change of Plans…!

On Tuesday night of last week one of the coordinators from the host program called me. She was very upset. She said that Max’s director at the orphanage didn’t want him to come for hosting any longer. She was crying because she knew how excited we were and she was just heartbroken for our family. This has happened to us (and only us!) multiple times now–our host kid cannot come at the last minute. We had a Russian speaking friend call...


October in Pictures.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks of October that I never got around to posting…at least not that I can remember. Rosie wrote this letter in Russian to Max. Every time we host each kid gets a welcome letter from their new family to read (or be read to them) on the plane. Rosie is super excited about Max, so she wrote him the welcome letter all by herself. Ada bathed the baby guinea pigs one afternoon. These...

Halloween 2015 0

Our Halloween Pictures!

It’s so strange to me that our area in Ohio does trick or treating on the last Thursday in October instead of actually on the 31st. It feels bad and wrong! So tonight for Halloween we did nothing. It’s silent outside. Not a thing going on. Here are a few pictures of the kids’ costumes on Thursday night! This was how the evening ended. Brrr! And I posted this in the previous entry, but it should really go with this one...


How to Survive the Grocery Store with Three Kids! (Vlog)

Our latest vlog post! The kids begged me to vlog a trip to the grocery store. I’m still not completely sure why they think this is so fun, but whatever. I need to get a nicer video camera than just my phone, and professionally edit my videos, and and and…wait. I can’t afford that. ;)    


Toddler Hates Pancakes.

The kids are having so much fun with this. They love watching their videos! They keep begging me to make a “vlog” about every little thing we do. I figure it is a fun way of recording memories, and it’s great for our families back in Kentucky and Georgia since we’re so far away and they don’t see us often now.