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TMI: It’s back yet again? Say it ain’t so.

I’m not sure what’s happening. Remember how I had giardia last year around Christmas? And it got much better after the second medication I took? Then the symptoms came back again in April of this year. I took another round of the medication and the symptoms went away. Well over the past month the symptoms have returned. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Am I cursed? I know it’s the same thing because the symptoms are very specific and gross. Super weird and...

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Dear Everyone:

Today’s post comes to you in the form of three vlogs. Henry’s attempts to be just like his daddy: Henry’s Very Second Haircut And…my kids being themselves. (There’s one part in this where I say “gas station” but for some reason it sounds like ass station, and now my husband keeps making fun of me.)

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I had a fundraising photo session the other night. I’ve been trying to book a few sessions in Columbus and it’s hard. I can’t seem to get my business off the ground. There are many photographers that have a basic DSLR and charge so little money for tons of photos. Anyway, this family was really sweet.  Their eight year old son has autism and ADHD, which is the exact same diagnosis Greg had.  We did daily care for Greg when Rosie...

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Reality Check!

Henry is making homeschooling SO INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT. I know it’s not kosher to say, but I swear I sometimes dream about duct taping the kid to a wall. The girls want to learn, we have tons of awesome materials, books, activities, plenty of things to do…but Henry sabotages everything. He screams, rips things up, scribbles on papers, throws things off the table, and refuses to be distracted by anything. He’s not interested in having his own papers, or sharing the colored...

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Ferdinand & The Home Study

  This is Ferdinand. He belongs to the farm across the road from our subdivision. The farm is run by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Yes, nuns. But they are white older ladies who are very much from America, so I’m not clear about the Dominican aspect of it. I started the volunteer application process for the farm this weekend. I’m so excited. They have 160 acres with sheep, the guard llama pictured above, chickens, a turkey, bees, gardens, a greenhouse,...

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Hosting Update!

Quick update on our fundraising for Max: We’re getting so much closer. Yay! Can’t wait to meet this little guy. We only have about $800 left to go. :D Here’s our YouCaring page. And look at our Facebook event…we only have the last row of numbers to check off on our grid in order to be fully funded! The money for hosting is due next week, and there are only 65 days until the kids arrive. Can’t wait!


The ER & an Answer

All week last week I had intensifying pain in my right lower abdomen along with some seriously awful flare ups of IBS. On Thursday I reached a breaking point with the pain. I don’t have a doctor here because every single office I have called (and believe me I have called a ton) tell me they aren’t taking new patients, or the soonest new patient appointments they have are in late winter or spring 2016. Really? Months away!?! I finally broke...

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It’s cool and chilly outside today. It actually feels like fall. I think I have SAD. I’m not a fan of cold weather or winter. I can’t stand gray, dreary days trapped in the house. It makes me anxious and depressed to think of the looming winter. This afternoon I managed to light our gas fireplace in the livingroom. I’ve never had a gas fireplace before. We haven’t turned the heat on in the house yet, and I just decided to...

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Monarch Photos

We brought in some monarch eggs we found on milkweed leaves, raised them, hatched them, and had so much fun doing it! And then this happened… I was blown away by the beauty. I had no idea the the green part would turn clear. When I was pregnant I often had these vivid dreams where my stomach would become clear like a window and allow me to look in and see the baby. It turns out Monarchs really do that. Wow....

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Tapple & Wonky: A Review of Two Fun Family Games!

This review is purely for fun! USAopoly sent us two of their games to review. Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and… Tapple – Fast Word Fun For the Whole Family       I’ll start with Wonky first, since it was the first one we opened up and played.   The game is listed for two or more players, and ages 8+. (However, my five year old was able to play it just fine!)  The basic premise of the game...