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Rosie’s Birthday! 0

Rosie’s Birthday!

I had my midwife appointment today.  Baby H is all happy and snug down in there. Rosie and Ada were so active in the womb–both of them kicked, flip flopped around, jabbed me, poked me, and even did something that felt like clawing me to pieces.  Baby H doesn’t do any of that.  He just wiggles and pokes his butt up. I imagine he thinks my womb is his man cave.  I’m certain he’s in there chilling out.  He stretches and...

Best Friends Forever! 5

Best Friends Forever!

Here are pictures from yesterday–Rosie and Ada love my best friend’s kids.  It’s worked out so that we had babies almost the same ages!  Rosie and Cade have known each other just about their entire lives, and Ada and Eli have also.  Too bad they live three hours away so we don’t get to see them very often.  They do come to Lexington to shop every few months, so we get to hang out then.  Tyler works so much we hardly...

The Demise of Benny Duck. 0

The Demise of Benny Duck.

We had a tragedy over here the other night. Benny was fine when I went out in the snow and wind to put the roosters up for the night.  (I put the roosters in a dog crate covered with a thick rubber backed rug in the garage to block their crows in the morning for the neighbors.  It works very well.) Benny got injured while we were at the beach back in October.  He got a random string wrapped around his...

Macaroni Pizza! (And a sort of DITL…) 1

Macaroni Pizza! (And a sort of DITL…)

Devoting part of every day to reading and discussing school subjects with Rosie takes up a lot of time.  It’s very hard to keep Ada quiet and entertained while I work with Rosie.  I’d say that’s probably the most difficult thing about homeschooling. The other difficult thing is finding a balance between what Rosie should be learning and what kind of subjects she enjoys.  For example we studied vikings for a week and they did not interest Rosie in the least.  Ada...

Summer Afternoons. 1

Summer Afternoons.

Only one day left until we leave for Atlanta. I might die of nerves and excitement.  T is coming on Wednesday…that’s five days away. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!  I didn’t anticipate this much excitement and nervousness.

Bread Machine Recipe & Pictures of the Girls. 0

Bread Machine Recipe & Pictures of the Girls.

The other day I took the girls to Goodwill because it was really hot and we were bored.  I found a new bread machine with wrapping still on it for $6! I used to have a bread maker, but Tyler wouldn’t eat the bread out of it because he didn’t like the way it was shaped.  Yes, seriously.  So I gave it away to an older lady who had arthritic hands and could no longer knead bread.  She was super appreciative so I didn’t...

When Super Heroes Attack. 0

When Super Heroes Attack.

Today was another scorching day outside.  There was wind, but it felt like a furnace blowing.  It almost felt like the wind could burn your skin. Of course this is nothing compared to the western states actually burning on fire, but still…it was very hot here. The girls love to play outside in almost all kinds of weather, as long as it’s not pouring cold rain, but this weather for some reason irritates Rosie’s very mild asthma.  She doesn’t have trouble...

Visit to Granny’s House. 0

Visit to Granny’s House.

Waiting is hard.  I’m still waiting for everything–for Tyler to get hired on, to be able to move, to ever get pregnant again, and now for K to get here, to see what happens with hosting and adoption. All of the waiting really gets me down.  I feel like I am in control of absolutely nothing.  Because, well, I’m not in control of any of these things.  I can’t make any of it happen faster, or happen the way I want.  I just have...

Alice & Ada (Photos) 0

Alice & Ada (Photos)

Last week we babysat Ada’s friend Alice for the afternoon.  Alice and Ada are almost the same age.  Alice is a few weeks older. We played outside a lot. Toddler face-off! (Ada has a fantastically over dramatic frowny face she always makes, and lately it’s been even more dramatic by the addition of eye rolls with the frown and pursed lips.) Alice tested out Ada’s new scooter. Rosie played with her friend Hannah who lives down the street. Bubbles were so...

Pictures from last week. 3

Pictures from last week.

From one extreme to the other…55 degrees and bike riding to snow.  Our snow was wet, muddy, and overcast but still fun for the two hours it stayed on the ground…. This is what happened while I was putting the bikes away in the garage.  Ada has found a weakness in her plans for world domination. And then the brief snow…which lasted only a few hours before being consumed by the ever present mud. This has been a very non-wintery winter. We...