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Whoa, Big Buddy. 4

Whoa, Big Buddy.

My new lens came today!  So exciting.  I can’t wait until I can test it on the girls outside.  It’s so large, but fast and sharp.  Love it. I tested it on the chickens outside in the sun. Isn’t my rooster hilarious looking?  He crows like a dying sheep. It works pretty good in low light indoors as well. HAHAHAHHA. New lens aside, the real story of the day is today’s 365 photo. Buddy. 3/365…a quick snapshot. (Note: Ada and Spongebob are making the...

2/365 0


Splash! 2/365 (Taken with the 60mm lens, f/2.8, ISO 800, exposure 1/30, using the Canon 40D.) Ada is so big now, she is able to play in the bathtub without slipping at all.  She absolutely loves it. Ada and Rosie have a blast playing in the tub together.  I love seeing them enjoy being together. I bought a new lens, but UPS has been holding it hostage.  It was scheduled to be delivered on December 30th, and I got all excited. Then on Thursday...

1/1/2011 4


New Year’s resolutions are kind of funny.  It seems like everyone loves to make a list of them, but they’re forgotten by February. Since it’s a new year, and we’re turning over a new leaf, I would like to write down some goals…and unlike a list of resolutions, I fully intend to achieve these goals!  In fact I’ve already started most of them. I’d like to complete the 365 project–you know, one photo a day for a year?  Certainly I can do that.  They...