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12/3/2011 4


This little guy is in the dog house.   I am so sick and tired of cleaning up his pee from various objects in my house! I don’t understand it.  He will get up and pee somewhere in the house at night then come back to bed. He pees in random places when we aren’t looking, on things like the kids’ toys or a basket of clean folded laundry. This morning he peed on the bottom drawer of my stove and it...

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Valentine’s Day: wonderfully ridiculous! (Fear not, gross spot to the right of Mr. Owl is paint courtesy of Rosie.) Visit to Monkey Joe’s with friends… Today, Ada enjoying the sun and 60 degree temps! Oh, love her so much. Rosie refused to participate in the sunlight photos…typical four year old, right? She was too busy running up and down the sidewalk.

2/11/2011 0


Ada has slept this entire day!  I don’t know what to think.  Maybe she’s fighting off the cold I have? She wakes up for 15 minutes to pee on the potty, then she starts crying and immediately falls back asleep.  She only wants to be in my arms in bed nursing, so I’ve spent the entire day holding her in bed. Considering I feel like crap, I’m not going to complain.  This cold seems to have settled in my sinuses.  I hope the neti pot...