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Rosie’s Birthday & Unrelated Photos. 0

Rosie’s Birthday & Unrelated Photos.

Today (the 19th) is Rosie’s birthday.  I can’t believe she’s 7!  I’ll make her own entry about her birthday.  We’re having family over for a small party on Saturday night.  We’re hoping to roast hot dogs over the fire if it’s not raining.  Since we live out here we have a big fire circle lined with field stone and we can have campfires every night.  So much fun to roast your dinner on sticks or stick foil packets of seasoned veggies...

Ada’s Third Birthday Weekend Recap in Photos. 2

Ada’s Third Birthday Weekend Recap in Photos.

Ada’s birthday weekend started with going to see Disney on Ice.  My parents went with us and bought everyone the tickets. (They don’t allow professional cameras there, sad!  I utilized my trusty iPhone.) My sister got cotton candy and it randomly came with stick on earrings. The girls got $12 snow cones.  At least the cup and spoon straw are pretty cool.  (And dishwasher safe!) The next day, Sunday the 21st, was Ada’s third birthday.  She was super excited. We opened...

Ada’s is three! 0

Ada’s is three!

Ada is sitting next to me wrapping up her birthday weekend with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in bed while watching The Powerpuff Girls. She had too much fun this weekend and passed out before eating supper tonight.  She just woke up hungry at 10:00. I can’t believe she turned three today.  That seems so old! Fresh from the womb! Our new family, when Ada was one day old: Ada at two days old: One week old: Her first birthday!...

Rosie’s Sixth Birthday Party. 0

Rosie’s Sixth Birthday Party.

Rosie’s actual birthday is the 19th, but we decided to celebrate early before we leave for Atlanta to get T.  We’ll be driving home on the 19th, and that won’t make for a fun birthday, so early party it was! Most people are out of town and busy this time of year, poor Rosie.  We just had family and Rosie’s friend who lives down the street over to my in-laws’ house for the party.  It was still fun though. Rosie had...

Surprise Birthday Present! 3

Surprise Birthday Present!

Today is my birthday.  I’m now the ripe old age of 26. To be honest it wasn’t a very great birthday.  The girls have been sick with a cold and Ada hasn’t slept more than two hours in the past three days. I am totally exhausted, like to the point of being non-functional. When I went out to check on our chicks this morning something had eaten the skin off of the head of one chick.  The poor little thing was still alive,...

Ada’s Second Birthday & Wisdom Teeth 2

Ada’s Second Birthday & Wisdom Teeth

Fail Tooth removal is scheduled for Wednesday at 9:15.  The Fail Tooth is a bony extraction because it’s impacted, the other two I think were labeled simple extraction. Want to see my teeth?  Fail Tooth is so obvious.   There’s actually a pocket underneath that impacted tooth on the bottom. (Right side of the picture, left side in my actual head.) The pocket underneath has trapped infected food in it and it’s also causing a cavity on the healthy molar next to...

Grandma. 0


I love these snapshots of my grandma with Ada and Rosie. My grandparents gave Rosie a stick horse for her birthday.  I think it might be Rosie’s favorite gift.   (Wish Rosie would have put her legs down, silly kid.)            

Five. 3


This time five years ago I was enduring a very painful labor, all back labor.  I was scared, nervous, and at the hospital. My nurse was Alice, from the Brady Bunch. I promise you they were the same person, except my nurse Alice was less cheery and more brisk.  Her real name was even Alice. I pushed for almost three hours.  My midwife was sick and in the end stages of cancer and kept having to leave the room. Finally Rosie emerged, ever so slowly.  She...

Finally! 3


Did you know it was my birthday the other day?         Yep.  Somehow 25 feels considerably older than 24. You know I’ve been waiting to turn 25 forever.  I mean I’ve been waiting to turn 25 more than I was excited about turning 21.  Guess what you can do when you’re 25?   RENT A PONTOON BOAT!  Yes, I have owned a house since I was what, 22?  We own two cars.  I have two children!  But we haven’t been old enough to...

Happy Easter! 0

Happy Easter!

I’ve been so busy the past couple of days.  We repainted half of our house inside, reorganized everything, and had Ada’s birthday party last night.  This morning we went to mass for Easter at the Catholic church around the corner.  Here are a couple of pictures.  Much more later, once I have time!