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Best Friends Forever.

Here are a few pictures from my phone from recently: Sunny day mud pie! Toes in the mud. Kept taking off his boots and socks until I gave up. The boy feels an unavoidable urge to reach all of the electronics and push all of their buttons, no matter what. His sisters did this. They also did this to him. The first snow of the winter on Saturday morning, which has already melted. This is the view from my kitchen window....

Busy. 1


I got an invitation from Getty Images yesterday inviting me to become one of their licensed stock photographers. So exciting!  I can submit 25 photos a month (with model/property releases signed, scanned, and uploaded) for their editors to look over, then they choose which ones they will add to their catalog of photos for sale.  They pay you via Paypal once a month depending on if you had any sales. Getty Images provides photos for all kinds of things.  Everything from books...