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Cute Chicks and Raw Factoids. 2

Cute Chicks and Raw Factoids.

The other day we had our first birth at the cabin! (This is an iPhone snapshot. Seriously! And in case you were wondering that big pink spot on the chick is the thigh, nothing is wrong with it. Seconds later a big clawed foot popped on out, connected to that plump pink thigh.) In my garage at the old house there was a hen sitting on eight eggs in a box in the back of the garage.  I waited until the...

Best Friends Forever! 5

Best Friends Forever!

Here are pictures from yesterday–Rosie and Ada love my best friend’s kids.  It’s worked out so that we had babies almost the same ages!  Rosie and Cade have known each other just about their entire lives, and Ada and Eli have also.  Too bad they live three hours away so we don’t get to see them very often.  They do come to Lexington to shop every few months, so we get to hang out then.  Tyler works so much we hardly...

Allergy Testing Results & Pictures. 4

Allergy Testing Results & Pictures.

The allergy testing for Ada yesterday afternoon wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. When Rosie had it done at age four she cried and sobbed through the pricks. Ada on the other hand…laughed.  Why am I not surprised?  Typical Ada. (Ada also loves the finger prick for iron testing because she gets to see her “real blood!” and she gets a bandaid.) We also go to weigh and measure her, which hasn’t been done in awhile.  She...

Summer Afternoons. 1

Summer Afternoons.

Only one day left until we leave for Atlanta. I might die of nerves and excitement.  T is coming on Wednesday…that’s five days away. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!  I didn’t anticipate this much excitement and nervousness.

Bread Machine Recipe & Pictures of the Girls. 0

Bread Machine Recipe & Pictures of the Girls.

The other day I took the girls to Goodwill because it was really hot and we were bored.  I found a new bread machine with wrapping still on it for $6! I used to have a bread maker, but Tyler wouldn’t eat the bread out of it because he didn’t like the way it was shaped.  Yes, seriously.  So I gave it away to an older lady who had arthritic hands and could no longer knead bread.  She was super appreciative so I didn’t...

When Super Heroes Attack. 0

When Super Heroes Attack.

Today was another scorching day outside.  There was wind, but it felt like a furnace blowing.  It almost felt like the wind could burn your skin. Of course this is nothing compared to the western states actually burning on fire, but still…it was very hot here. The girls love to play outside in almost all kinds of weather, as long as it’s not pouring cold rain, but this weather for some reason irritates Rosie’s very mild asthma.  She doesn’t have trouble...

Surprise Birthday Present! 3

Surprise Birthday Present!

Today is my birthday.  I’m now the ripe old age of 26. To be honest it wasn’t a very great birthday.  The girls have been sick with a cold and Ada hasn’t slept more than two hours in the past three days. I am totally exhausted, like to the point of being non-functional. When I went out to check on our chicks this morning something had eaten the skin off of the head of one chick.  The poor little thing was still alive,...

Easter Eggs vs. Small Children 0

Easter Eggs vs. Small Children

Warning: About a million pictures below. I had way too many bantam eggs, so we decided to dye those for Easter. They are like mini eggs.  Everything mini is more fun, because mini things are cute, right? Plus they are the perfect size for little hands to grip. I saw this idea on Pinterest to use a muffin tin to dye eggs.  Well that one deserves a negative rating. Two seconds after this picture was taken Ada flipped the muffin tin over,...

Meet-Up and Duck Face Amos. 0

Meet-Up and Duck Face Amos.

How do I keep running out of time to post here?  I love writing down thoughts and sharing pictures on my blog, if not for any other reason than I enjoy looking back at it years later.  I’ve been doing this for quite some time, since maybe 2002.  I’m too tired to look back and check the date of my very first entry, but it’s been years! I can’t seem to catch up on anything lately.  I need a pause button.  Or maybe a part time...

Birthday Party. 0

Birthday Party.

That farm house already has a contract on it.  It’s an offer contingent upon the sale of the offerer’s house. Extremely disappointed.  Might have to go curl up in a ball and cry somewhere. The real estate agent said we could trump their offer if we could buy the house outright, but we’d also need to make an offer contingent upon the sale of our house and…yeah.  Unless the contract currently on it falls through and some kind of miracle happens...