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Sugar Cookies & Second Shift Blues. 0

Sugar Cookies & Second Shift Blues.

Aren’t they just gorgeous? LOL!   I feel like I need to declutter before Christmas hits us. The rooms in my house are so small.  We have a lot of big toys…like a kitchen center, the awesome wooden rocking boat, a school bus/slide thing, a rocking doggy.  The girls play with those things all the time.  There’s nothing I can really get rid of that won’t be sorely missed, you know?  If we had a basement we could just put some things down there,...

Fall Leaves. 3

Fall Leaves.

I am so effing miserable.  My head just hurts, really bad. I got antibiotics this afternoon.  They are gigantic pills.  Bigger than the Mucinex.  I can’t swallow them. I could barely swallow them when I cut them in half. Why do they make pills so huge? What is the purpose?  My throat just isn’t that big! I swallow and the pill is stuck in there while I gag it back up, it’s horrible. I hope gagging these pills down is worth it.  I want to feel better soon.  I can’t keep...