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Responsible. 1


      Being a parent is so hard. I have realized that the secret to raising happy, compassionate, responsible, polite children is not what you do to your kids to train them or whatever, it’s based on the example you set as a person. This thought scares me quite a bit.  I mean it’s easy to read parenting books, to do this or don’t do that, and to judge other parents based on their choices.  But it sure is harder to...

Worn out. 0

Worn out.

Today I ate at two fast food places, stole a chair that I will return tomorrow, discovered a random field of cacti growing in a neighboring town, traipsed through a field of waist high grass in a short dress, got approximately 40,000 mosquito bites covering my entire body including one in my butt crack, listened to Gillian Welch turned up way too loud, and almost got run over by a train while standing on the tracks. All in all, a pretty good...

Tomato vs. Apple 0

Tomato vs. Apple

Ada picked a tomato from our garden yesterday. She seemed to believe it was an apple, and that pleased her. Until she tasted it…     Then she threw it. All’s well that ends well. (I totally made that shirt.  Freezer paper stenciling experiment #1.  Much more to come, need more practice!)   Lunch today at PF Chang’s with my sister and Grandma. My mom watched the girls since she had today off from work. It was weird to eat without Ada attacking...

Ada in Action. 3

Ada in Action.

Ada is wearing me out.  She looks innocent, but don’t be fooled! She’s curious, and busy, and I’m 99% sure she has wheels for feet.         I can’t get anything done because she’s always climbing and into every little thing! God help me when she figures out how to open door knobs in the next month or so.  (We can’t get those door knob covers because then Rosie couldn’t get the doors open.)   Ada can climb like...

Photos of Our Typical Day. 6

Photos of Our Typical Day.

Do you realize the summer is nearly half over now? Soon it’s going to be time for Rosie to start Kindergarten.  We’re homeschooling, so she’s not really going anywhere, but we have to keep an attendance record for the state. I have to send a letter to the board of education stating our intent to homeschool this August!  For real, it will be official.  I will have accepted the responsibility. What a huge responsibility it is!  We’ve been doing schoolish things already–we’re...

Rosie’s Spring Dance Recital. 0

Rosie’s Spring Dance Recital.

My throat hurts so bad. Why, throat?  WHY? My tongue is swollen on the sides.  The glands in my neck are swollen.  Did I mention my throat is on fire? Complain, cry, grumble.   While I’m complaining I have to mutter about our air conditioner, which froze up this morning.  It was 92 degrees out today with humidity above 50%. I’m sweaty.  It’s fixed now, but I need a shower.   OMG my throat hurts. Rosie had her dance recital last weekend, on Saturday...

Things That Go. 0

Things That Go.

  We found a very tiny snail on the porch the other day. Rosie was afraid of it.  Ada tried to eat it.     We’ve been busy circling the block lately.  Rosie got her first big kid bike and Ada got a push car. Fun times.                    

Day of Firsts. 4

Day of Firsts.

My Ada is a wild child.  Here she is this morning.  First pig tails ever in her hair today.  :)     I don’t know what Ada’s deal is.  She is constantly running, actually running, and into every single thing. I feel like my head is spinning!  Blink for one second and she’s climbed up on the back of the couch.  Go to the bathroom and she’s pulled out a box of crackers and is stomping on them while they’re still in the...

5/9/2011 1


I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed that I was waiting to meet my new adopted child. It was going to be a boy and I knew he liked basketballs.  I have no idea where I was, but it was somewhere unfamiliar.  It was also raining and very wet outside the window, I was concerned about flooding.  Then my eyebrows started itching really badly.  I looked in the mirror and saw that my eyebrows were gray, even though my hair wasn’t. When I itched my eyebrows...