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Easter 2011! 4

Easter 2011!

Miss Ada Pants is always so busy.  Rosie is too.  I have no down time lately! Ok so I have to say I LOVE my expedit shelving. My everything is so organized.  My new couches are so wonderful, ten thousand times better than that giant one that got stuck in the doorway. Did I ever show you all the new leather couches we got?  We actually got two love seats, one for the living room and one for the back room where the TV is. My...

Happy Easter! 0

Happy Easter!

I’ve been so busy the past couple of days.  We repainted half of our house inside, reorganized everything, and had Ada’s birthday party last night.  This morning we went to mass for Easter at the Catholic church around the corner.  Here are a couple of pictures.  Much more later, once I have time!                          

Cherry Blossoms. 0

Cherry Blossoms.

Happy, happy, happy. Rainbows and unicorns, etc. Not going to apologize for it! But, if it helps my house is a total disaster.  We don’t even have any clean forks left. Oh well. On to the happy bit…

Finalizing Homeschooling Plans. (Lots of links!) 9

Finalizing Homeschooling Plans. (Lots of links!)

I have to share…indescribably adorable little fluffballs! See their brand new wing feathers growing in?  I love watching chicks feather out more and more each day.  Their heads are the last part to get fully feathered. Over the past few days I’ve been thinking more about homeschooling and what path we’ll follow. The vast unknown causes me a bit of anxiety, so I decided I needed to write out a concrete plan.  I read all of Maria Montessori’s books, and I wrote down important things...

Banties! 5


Rosie, Ada, and I raced to Tractor Supply this morning to pick our bantam chicks. They sell out so fast!  We didn’t even have time to eat breakfast. We managed to get eleven chicks.  Four are Silkies, two are Golden Sebrights, and the rest are mysteries.  I guess I’ll figure out what they are when they feather out and it becomes more obvious. They’re not sexed, so some will be roosters I’ll have to give away. They are super adorable, especially the Silkies!...

This Morning… 2

This Morning…

This morning we soaked up the last of the warm sun before a huge cold front moved through. Now it’s blustery and the low is 30 degrees.  The entire 10 day forecast is cold and wet and blustery.  How depressing. But this morning, it was nice and warm. There were dark rain clouds filling the horizon with warm yellow sun filtering through and highlighting the bright green grass.  Rosie was afraid to step in the wet grass with her bare feet. ...

Salamander Search. 1

Salamander Search.

Reason number 4,589 parenting is difficult:  Figuring out how to manage a personality you don’t understand. Poor cautious Rosie. Today we went on a salamander search.  The park guide led us on a hike upstream–we actually hiked in the creek.  In some spots it was deep, other areas were shallow.  I had so much fun!  I wore Ada in the mei tai carrier on my chest and I had a backpack with water and snacks on my back.  I was a little worried about...

Sweet Toothed Thief. 1

Sweet Toothed Thief.

Ada has cried ALL DAY LONG. Except for five minutes, during which she stole Rosie’s piece of chocolate cake. She held the cake in a death grip, fist tightly squeezed shut.  So tight that I could not pry it open to remove the squished chunk of cake. Then she stuffed the whole thing in her mouth as fast as she could, before I could take it back. Seems Ada has quite a sweet tooth. Oh, little sister. She has already perfected the “I’m...

Sunny. 0


I’m sitting in my freezing cold house surrounded by half folded piles of clean laundry and random toys.  The heat was turned off and the windows were left open, so it’s a chipper 60 degrees in here this morning. We had oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies for breakfast because the chickens have temporarily stopped laying eggs. The girls are playing with dolls on the floor in mismatched pajamas while we listen to The Civil Wars. Next up, a Queen dance party…...

Sunday. 1


We’re all still fighting off The Sick.  No fun, on a beautiful warm sunny day.  The first beautiful, warm, sunny day in months and we’re stuck inside feeling like crap! We made the best of it, I guess.