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1/18/2011 0


18/365 Can your pets make breakfast? I’ve been trying to pay extra attention to Rosie lately.  I love the way she absolutely lights up when I teach her something new.  She’s big on learning how to do things all by herself lately. Sleep in her own bed?  Check.  Open her own granola bars and string cheese wrappers?  Mhm, and open everyone elses’ for them as well.  Wipe her own bum?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Dress herself in clothes she selects?  Oh,...

Whoa, Big Buddy. 4

Whoa, Big Buddy.

My new lens came today!  So exciting.  I can’t wait until I can test it on the girls outside.  It’s so large, but fast and sharp.  Love it. I tested it on the chickens outside in the sun. Isn’t my rooster hilarious looking?  He crows like a dying sheep. It works pretty good in low light indoors as well. HAHAHAHHA. New lens aside, the real story of the day is today’s 365 photo. Buddy. 3/365…a quick snapshot. (Note: Ada and Spongebob are making the...

Fight Back Friday: My Backyard Chickens. 0

Fight Back Friday: My Backyard Chickens.

I get questions from people all the time about keeping chickens in my back yard. My favorite statement comes from my in-laws. “Our eggs come from Kroger’s. Why would we want to waste time and money by growing a garden and taking care of chickens when we could get eggs for $1 a dozen from the grocery?” The answer to that question can be long and in depth, but for simplicities sake I’ll just say I enjoy gardening and tending to...